G-BOAA's last journey from Heathrow

- Part 1 -  

3 April 2004

While all this was going on a BBC camera crew set their camera up and interviewed me and my mates about Concorde…… I was gutted that she was moving so i said how i felt as that point in time i was gutted to see her go like that.

I ran up the road to take more photos of her but me flash was running low on battery power so it was slow to recharge but i took 11 more photos of her.

Then as she went in to distance i looked at me watch and knew i had to get home…… I was tired, wet, soaked to my skin and very cold……. I had mixed emotions gutted as hell to see her leave Heathrow but very happy to be there and to see my mates.

Got to Hatton Cross by 2.30am and waited for the 285 to Harlington Corner, it came on time and got to Harlington Corner by 2.40am and waited for then N9 to get me to Trafalgar square……N9 was meant to come at 2.44am but due to G-BOAA moving it didn't come till 3.25am (as all roads up to Heathrow where blocked or diverted) so for 1/2 an hour I was standing at bus stop shelter with a monsoon raging outside, soaked to the skin, very cold and very wet outside Heathrow waiting for a night bus (1of 4 to get me home to Romford)….. but I was extremely happy that I gave her a send off.

At 3.15am the bus came I jumped on it and raced to Hyde Park corner (it took 40 mins to reach Hyde Park Corner)…… In the bus I slowly warmed up, at Hyde Park Corner got off and had to wait 10 mins in the cold for another bus, got that bus to Trafalgar Square and waited another 5 mins for the N15 bus to get me home.

Even at 4.15am central london was very very busy with tons of people…… Got the N15 bus and didn’t get to Romford till 5.30am……Got home and found mum had made me dinner (before she went to bed) and left it in the microwave oven….. I had me dinner, checked www.concordesst.com website and went to bed.

Although I was cold and shattered I was very very happy.

For all of Sunday I was on every BBC News and BBC News 24 bulliten about Concorde with my mates.

Above is a clip of  G-BOAA being

moved from Heathrow with  BBC

reporter interviewing me and a few

others about the event.


Later on in the day G-BOAA was put on the boat which would slowly carry her from London (past the houses of parliament, London Eye, Tower Bridge, Canary Wharf and all the way up to NMS in Scotland.

Above is a ITN News clip of  G-BOAA being moved on to the boat which would take her on her final journey to NMS - Scotland.