G-BOAG - Last flight from Heathrow 3 Nov 2003

Eye Witness accounts of G-BOAG’s last landing

During G-BOAG’s landing a lot of local people where there to witness the final landing,…..The following are personal accounts from a few of what happened during that landing.

A newspaper called SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER also covered the landing, below are two articles from  their journalists.

A few weeks after G-BOAG had been given to the museum of flight we heard some one tried to remove the pilto’s hat from that expansion gap……The hat could not be removed but from the photos we saw the hat looked ripped and torn like some one had tried to rip it out of the gap.

We where all very upset at this and when relavent people at the museum had been informed they apologised and replaced the hat with another but this was placed around the centre console.

G-BOAG now rests safely at the museum with no further problems and is very well looked after.

I would like to thank the following people in making this report a success


•  Tim Babcock and Steve Cellini for allowing to use their vidoes of G-BOAG landing in Seattle.

•  Mark Robinson, Rob Bogash

•  Staff at the Seattle museum of flight.

•  People at  NYC Aviation forum (http://nycaviation.com/forum/news-and-aircraft-visitors-f9.html)

•  J L Davies of British Airways Heritage Centre.

Thank you for all your help in this report :-)

Videos of  G-BOAG’s landing

Below are videos of  G-BOAG’s last landing, these where taken  by  people standing at different view points as she came in to land, some are also of her taxiing to after landing..

G-BOAG - Landing videos Seattle-AM