G-BOAG - Last flight from Heathrow 3 Nov 2003

Landing at Seattle

After she gently stopped she lowered and raised her nose as a greeting and salute to the people of Seattle, wow that’s what I call style.

Then the pilots turned her engines and electrical systems off for the very last time and that was it G-BOAG fell silent for ever. Nearly 20 safe years of supersonic travel had finally ended for G-BOAG.........

At the same time one of British Airways most respected and most loved Concorde pilots Captain Les Brodie also retired from British Airways, during his career Les had flown supersonic for 4500 hours.

So it was a doubly sad moment for all concerned.................

Above is the video of the same speech  

Mike Bannister made.

Her landing weight was 104500kgs, fuel remaining in the fuel tanks on landing was 15000kgs.

During her life G-BOAG flew around 16,000 hours in the air and made over 5,600 landings.  

On her last flight G-BOAG went out in style, the flight from New York to Seattle took 3 hours, 55 minutes and 12 seconds….. it was the fastest trip any airliner had made from New York to Seattle and was a world record.

Wow what a way to end a brilliant and glittering career, what a way to go out in style by braking the world speed record of flying from New York to Seattle.

(Above are photos of the landing in Seattle)

Pilots and crew got their things and made their way to G-BOAGs front left door, steps where moved to Concorde’s left front door.

Captain Mike Bannister, Captain Les Brodie and the Senior Flight Officer come out with a smile and where greeted by thousands of cheering happy clapping people.

They and G-BOAG where greeted like Hollywood superstars and pop stars, it was a wonderful and extremely happy moment.

Officials from The Museum of flight and from Seattle’s local council made their way up the steps to “officially” greet them and welcome G-BOAG to her new home.

After all this Captain Bannister gave the following speech


Governor ......around ladies and gentlemen., the motto of the museum of flight is rediscover forth.........

Over 33 years ago there a people that where dreamers and had visions, that full on and made Concorde.........

It was built with pride and operated with dedication.

The couples and families that makes up the people that flown in her and on her are very proud of this aircraft.

Then the pilots, crew and remaining passengers left G-BOAG for the last time.