G-BOAG - Last flight from Heathrow 3 Nov 2003

Flight to Seattle

Craig Austin Shipman worked for British Airways (USA)….. He was lucky enough to be one of the last 100 passengers to board the flight from New York – JFK to Seattle – BFI.

On his flight he sat in seat 4A and took the following photos.

(Rough map showing G-BOAG landing at King County International Airport)

After G-BOAG landed Captain Bannister slowly taxied her to the waiting press and countless adoring crowds.........

On her way to the parking spot Captain Mike Bannister and Captain Les Brodie, opened the flight deck’s side windows and leaned out of them waving USA and UK flags.

Then for the last time the pilots pulled the throttle leavers back….she slowed down to mach 0.99 and re-entered American airspace……As she continued to reduce speed over the northern tip of America the nose and visor where moved from supersonic to subsonic flight position


and she continued to make her way south to Seattle, gently slowing down all the time.

5 mins before landing her undercarriage was dropped and her nose was  lowered to landing position

G-BOAG was scheduled to land at 3pm Seattle time (10pm London time),  but she came in 25 minutes a head of schedule.

Landing at Seattle

Thousands of local well wishers, aircraft enthusiasts, fans, local VIPs and even a local tv crew from  komo4news had gone there to greet her.

At around 2.15pm thousands of people around Seattle heard the distinctive noise of Concorde’s 593 engines.

At 2:20pm on a beautiful, crisp, cold sunny winter’s afternoon  in  Seattle G-BOAG continued to  slow down and flew over the Boeing field/King county airport at 3000ft and countless people looked up in awe and excitement and saw Concorde flying low over head.

Due to her early arrival local news helicopters were not in position to film the landing from a “birds eye” point of  view instead ground tv crew/s did their best and took video of her landing .

At 2.25pm Seattle time (9.25pm London time) G-BOAG didn’t have enough fuel for another fly past, it was now make or break time so Captain Mike Bannister cooly took control and landed her runway 31L.

Near the Canadian border as G-BOAG got close to Seattle pre mach 1 deceleration checks where made, fuel was moved from the back of the plane to the front to balance out centre of gravity.


(Photos where taken by Craig Austin Shipman and are his copyright)