G-BOAG - Last flight from Heathrow 3 Nov 2003

Last take off

Jez said he said he could hear my camera’s motor winder rapidly clicking away as she flew past……. He said he’d got a few good photos but not as many as he’d wanted……I was disappointed  for him as I wanted him to get a lot of good photos.

I’d got 10-12 good pictures out of 36 but  due to the airport fence as I followed G-BOAG across the sky for afew seconds my camera suddenly lost auto focus lock…… Instead of focusing on Concorde flying by for a few seconds it focused on a bit of fence which got in the way) so the remaining photos where a bit blurry but over all I had a great day out and I got the pictures I wanted as I need 1-2 good pictures to make it worth while, I got around 12 good ones.

Jez and I walked down to the Green man pub past the 27R side of the north runway and spent the rest of afternoon / early evening in there winding down over a mineral water or two before we agreed to meet up again at the next Concorde flight…… I didn’t want the day to end as seeing Concorde was very exciting and liked Jez’s company but G-BOAG had flown, no more Concordes where going to leave that day…..it was getting late and we both had a long way to go home so we called it a day and went our seperate ways.

After she disappeared in to the sun setting winter sky we started the long walk back to Hatton Cross……On our way there we where both exhausted, excited and sad at the same time…..We happily chatted and shared our experiences of the great event, but sad that another Concorde had left Heathrow for ever.

Flight to JFK

After G-BOAG disappeared in to the sunny November sky, she followed her usual route of crossing the north Atlantic and flew at the same speed as her sister G-BOAD had done on my flight.


This the actual recording of the above transcript.

Above is the actual ATC of the transcript of G-BOAG’s pilots talking JFK as they came in to land on 3 Nov 2003

Above is a rough map of her flight from

London to New York


 New York to Seattle.

On Monday 3rd Nov 2003 at around 7.05pm GMT  (3.05pm New York time) after a 3 ½ hr flight she landed in New York - JFK on runway 13R


As G-BOAG was coming in to land at JFK below is a transcript

of the ATC between the pilots and JFK.

The above is a video of the actual landing taken by a local

New York news station.