(Map of G-BOAD landing at JFK on runway 31R and taxiing to the dock next to JFK)

G-BOAD went out in style her flight time London - Heathrow to New York - JFK = 3 hrs 08 minutes, this was one of the fastest transatlantic crossings she had ever made.

Arrival in New York

As G-BOAD came in to land a few of my friends where at JFK to witness the final landing they said the following  :-

G-BOAD landed at JFK at 1.45pm (New York time) after she landed she slowly taxied to the BA Terminal 7 to let her last passengers off.

On her way to Terminal 7 Captain Paul Douglas and Captain Mike Bannister opened the flight deck’s side windows. They waved the American flag out of one window and British flag from the other one as G-BOAD slowly made her last ever taxi to JFK’s Terminal 7.

As she got close to New York  she slowed down for one last time and landed on runway 31R

G-BOAD - Take off videos

(Above are videos and ATC of G-BOAD’s last take off from Heathrow)

Afterwards the crowds melted, the roads went silent and all at Heathrow went back to normal.

I felt worse than I felt when G-BOAC left, but there wasn't anything I could do to stop her. I went back home to Romford and prepared for her sisters' ferry flights which where scheduled to leave during the rest of Nov 2003.

On the Flight to New York

After she disappeared in to the sky, she followed her  usual route of crossing the north Atlantic and flew at the same speed as she had done on my flight (Mach 2).

G-BOAD - Last flight from Heathrow 10 Nov 2003

Take off at Heathrow Airport

This felt like her last goodbye kiss to me ............ she quickly switched off her afterburners turned right and headed towards Windsor, Bristol, Wales and then finally to her new home New York……At the time I used 1 reel of 24 exposure ASA/400 film below are 3 of the many photos I took of her.


(Map of G-BOAD’s last flight across the Altantic )

Onboard eye witness account of G-BOAD’s last flight

As G-BOAD was racing over the North Atlantic Philip Cairns (British Airways Concorde engineer and friend) and his wife Diane where on this flight.

The following is an eye witness account of how Philip felt during the flight, when he reached New York he is also helped decommission her.


Philip Cairns – Concorde engineer at British Airways

10 Nov 2003 - G-BOAD's last flight

Diane and I, Bob and Jenny and Ugo and Sharon would fly out on 'our' Concorde on it's last flight ever to JFK along with 94 other passengers and crew.

November 10th was the day and  we duly arrived at Terminal 4 to go through the usual procedures prior to flight, we were then transported to OAD which was going through its final flight departure checks, these were being actioned by my engineering colleagues and they all came over to wish us a good journey.

The flight to JFK was extremely atmospheric, the Cabin Crew provided wonderful service and we were able to soak up this memorable occasion to the full.

I shed a few tears on the flight, especially as we reached Mach 2.0 and a height  of 52,000 feet.

We arrived in JFK all to soon, we got our flight certificate signed by all the crew and had our photo taken by the flight deck.