Concorde's Last Day

 Trevor Nurcott talking to us

at the TGM pub.

After Trevor looked at the cake every one wanted a piece of it so Me and mini Sparky finally cut the cake and every one at the pub started cheering and clapping more, we all had a hell of a lot of fun….. Later on we all spoke to Trevor a lot, he didn’t mind……. He was warm, open and friendly to us all, he was a nice guy and took the time to speak to all of us, to sign autographs and peoples memorabilia of Concorde.

This was one of the high lights of the day and of the party, during the time he was talking to us people where taking video and photos of him.

While we where celebrating and partying, at the TGM British tv news reported on Concorde's last day, below are the clip from that :-

Me and mini Sparky cutting the Concorde cake.

Above are the photos people took of Trevor at the party.

     The above are some of  the photos of the party we had,

     we all had a fantastic and very very happy time.

24th Oct 2003 – her last day

Concorde Fairwell Party at TGM

After an hour or so (of standing in the Concorde car park and taking photos of her) it was getting dark Declan urgently said :-

                                      Hurry up Jet all the others are down the pub waiting for you.

I didn’t know they where all waiting for me so I got my stuff and walked back to the pub with Declan, when I got there people cheered and clapped as I walked into  pub it was brilliant, brilliant, it was wonderful

The warmth and friendship I experienced was out of this world, its hard to describe how wonderful it felt….. It was one of the most loving feelings I ever had in my life and it felt brilliant…… A few mins later I was directed to a corner of the pub where Trident man’s wife had made a Concorde cake.