The Last BA001 Heathrow – JFK

7.30pm in BA staff carpark outside runway 27L

While we waited outside to see her take off  Mr D Toeppen was lucky enough to get one of the last tickets for the flight and was onboard…….

Last BA001

After her take off

Back on the ground after Concorde disappeared in to the cold inky blackness the huge crowds around us went silent and melted in to the night, Apart from a 747 taking off after Concorde (and it felt like it was laughing at Concorde’s demise) Heathrow was silent.......When the 747 took off people didn’t care, they didn't look up……They didn’t do a thing as it wasn’t  “Concorde”.


I felt humbled by all this and I was glad I was hear to witness this last ever BA001 take off.

I asked Andrew Winstanley and BBC London crew for all my tapes back of my flight.

They happily said


You can have them now.

But I didn’t have a player which could use DV tapes so I asked Andrew


Can you transfer the tapes on to VHS and post them to me

Andrew happily said


I’ll give the tapes to Jo and we’ll do that for you.

My friends and I then slowly walked to the green man pub to celebrate the success of my Concorde flight and remember the last official BA001 Concorde flight to leave Heathrow.

I couldn’t stay for long as I had to get home, get to bed and had to be up at 5am the next day (24 Oct 2003) for Concorde’s last official commercial day.

So I left the pub at around 9.30pm, but didn’t get home until 11.30pm. Then I had to force my self to sleep.

After Thoughts

The last 24 hrs had been extremely hectic and busy (probably the most hectic and busy of my life) but they where also extremely wonderful and I loved every single moment.

Early in the morning of 23 Oct 2003 I’d flown home from half around the world (New York) on a Boeing 747, then was interviewed by  a BBC London film crew while watching the 10am Concorde take off.

After that I was interviewed on BBC radio station, then I went home to Romford Essex (which is 2hrs by train from Heathrow Airport)…….Got changed and went back to Heathrow to see the last BA001 Concorde take off while having countless people recognise me for being on tv and for flying on Concorde.

It was one of the best experiences of my life and some thing I will not ever forget.

Above is the video he took of his flight from the entering the Concorde lounge at Heathrow…..Take off…..Life onboard the last BA001 flight and landing at New York - JFK….. its a unique piece of history.

The following is from the Mirror newspaper its an interview with  Les Evans who was the co-pilot of this last BA001 flight