G-BOAF - Last flight of Concorde

Watching Concorde land at Filton

Back at Heathrow 20 mins after seeing Concorde land we all went back to the pub and celebrated her life before gradually melting away and going home…….. it was a great comfort to be in the Green Man pub and share my experiences with my Concorde friends………….

In the pub I saw Peer, he said he was in the car park next to where I was standing and wished I’d called him back…….When I realised which one it was I felt gutted as I could have got more good photos without peoples heads getting in the way, as in the car park there was only a handful of people who had parked their cars in there, but never mind……………

For me the idea to chase Concorde and beat it to Filton had been abandoned,  it would not have worked as we all felt we wouldn’t have got there in time.


A few hours later we found out the group of  our Concorde friends who had got in their cars (after her take off) and tried beat Concorde Filton had failed because the traffic on the M25 and motorways going to Bristol and Filton was too great, they never made it to see her land……Most got stuck in the huge traffic jams around to that part of the country.

They said


It felt like every one around Bristol and in south west England were all heading towards Filton to see Concorde, the roads into that area where blocked with huge traffic jams stretching for miles and it was almost impossible to move………...

This clearly demonstrates the pull Concorde has on people and how much people love her as at no other point in history had all the roads to that part of the UK been blocked solid with traffic jams stretching for endless miles.

But today they where blocked solid for one thing and one thing only ........ Concorde.

The friends who went to Filton  the night before to see Concorde land on the day had a great time and they got great pictures and videos…… The views where spectacular, I partly wished I’d gone with them as I knew I would have got great landing pictures but overall I felt the take-off pictures of G-BOAF leaving Heathrow for the final time meant a lot more to me than her landing at Filton, as leaving Heathrow meant she was the last Concorde to ever fly……………….

It was an extremely emotional time for us all and I would not have missed it for the world. The pictures I took were for me priceless as I had recorded history in the making………. They were also some of the best photos I have ever taken of Concorde, so I was very pleased with myself for doing a good job………..but I was utterly gutted that Concorde would never fly again……….

When I got home I logged on to a Concorde website and chatted to my old Concorde friends about the fun we all had, what we had all experienced and the sadness of her never flying again……. After I left the website I started thinking about what really happened today and suddenly it was like a cup over flowing, I cried for G-BOAF’s and Concorde’s permanent grounding…….

I cried because I had lost a much loved, much trusted and faithful friend, some one who had never let me down, some one who had always been there for me no matter what through both the good times and the bad times.

I cried because 27 years of my life where now suddenly over and this hurt more than words can say. In away it was like loosing a brother and I was grieving for him.

Most people reading this will laugh and think I am mentally ill  but I am not.  Some football fans cry when their team loose the match, some fans cry when their pop star decides to retire or their favourite pop band decide to split up.

For me it was the same with Concorde.

Concorde represented the best of the best, Concorde represented happiness and utter joy,she represented every thing good in life, she represented the dreams of mankind of breaking the sound barrier and flying at twice the speed of sound…… She represented the dreams of every day man and any one even a 100 year old granny could get inside Concorde, still break the sound barrier and fly as fast and as high as any highly trained fighter pilots who flew in their supersonic fighter planes.

Although Concorde was old nothing new could ever touch her, interms of her speed she was so far a head in technology she was timeless.

But now after 27 years of the public living the supersonic dream its all over…… All those dreams have been shattered in to countless pieces and no matter what we do to try to get them back the tree huggers and bean counters keep on bashing us down and stop us from getting up with their so called “logical” arguments on how expensive or how polluting Concorde was.

When I real life Concorde wasn’t.

Put it this way every year in total cost people probably spend more money on buying pizzas than it would cost to make “son of Concorde”. Its a pity the the tree huggers and bean counters don’t stop people who do this with their so called “logical” arguments, but they always hated Concorde.

Now that all the Concordes have gone, the world is a sadder place. The tree huggers and bean counters have won and no one is there to defend Concorde.

Aviation has gone backwards as you can’t fly to America in 3 ½ hrs any more ……….it takes twice a long now with “newer” planes.