G-BOAA - Last journey from Heathrow

- Part 2 -

13 April 2004

I had strong plans to go to Scotland to see G-BOAA being moved from the boat on to her final resting place at NMS (National Museum Scotland), but I checked the airfares and train fares etc and found at the time it was just to expensive to go there so I couldn’t make the last part of the journey to Scotland to see her being moved………… I felt gutted….. I felt very sad at this as I’d followed her at 2am from Heathrow airport to 6pm at tower bridge and I really really wanted to see the last part of her epic journey but due to money it wasn’t meant to be…………..

A few days after G-BOAA’s trip down the Thames I was looking through some newspapers and aircraft magazines…..in them I saw a few pictures exactly the same as the ones I’d taken but the name of the photographer wasn’t my name.

After 13 April 2004 I just got my films processed but never thought about sending them to newspapers and aircraft magazines (as I didn’t think they where that good) but when I saw the same pictures (taken by some one standing next to me) in those magazines I kicked my self as I felt I could have made some money out of them but never mind………

I’m happy for the photographer who made money out of his pictures and it just shows what I think are kak pictures and not worth anything could have made me some money……….

On  21 April 2004 a week after G-BOAA had left London by boat, she finally reached Scotland and from there made her way slowly by road over to the NMS (National Museum Scotland)…. on her way there local people lined the roads and some took photos of her being moved.

G-BOAA was the last British Airways Concorde to leave Heathrow and find a new home…… At Heathrow there is one last Concorde left her name is G-BOAB….. As of Dec 2006 she is still at Heathrow and can be viewed from the parameter fence but I am not sure what will happen to her………..

This photo was taken by one of the locals of G-BOAA’s final

journey by road to National Museum of Scotland.

A few months after G-BOAA reached her new home, engineers slowly started to rebuild her…. Above are a few photos I found on the internet of her in the hanger at National Museum of Scotland during the rebuilding stage…..

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