Trip Report

The plane slowly stopped with a tiny gentle lurch forward….. .A few minutes later the stewardesses opened the external doors and every one started to steadily file out……Sparky and I sat there until the plane was empty then we got all our things from the overhead lockers……got up and started to walk to the doors… after my Concorde flight on the 747 I wanted to meet the captain, co pilot and see the flight deck but as usual on this flight home the stewardesses politely but firmly said :-  No !!………..

That was it I had enough……at the time I was still very tired and still very grouchy after that LONG 7 hour flight home…..On my flight some of the stewardesses treated me like a 5 year old when I didn’t do anything to be treated like that and now to add insult to injury they wouldn’t let me meet my pilots to thank them for a safe journey home……that got on my wick as I innocently wanted to thank the pilots for a safe journey home, but that never happened.

I got all my things, thanked the stewardesses for the flight home and calmly went to the door……When I saw the steps going down and terminal 4 looming huge in the distance a 1/4 of a mile from where we where parked………. I thought


      Doh .......... this is gonna be a long walk to Terminal 4 as this 747 is to FAT and to

     big to fit in to one of Terminal 4’s parking bays.

I walked down the stairs in to a icey cold October morning…..I saw a light rainbow horizon with purple, orange, red, maroon, light blue bands of sky in the distance..…It was a wonderful and magical site, it was a wonderful way for Heathrow Airport to welcome me home :-)

Looked at my watch and saw it was 6.40am on 23 October 2003,  the sun was slowly  rising over Heathrow,  Heathrow felt colder than New York and I was glad I had my trusty USAF A2 leather jacket to keep me warm.

                My Trusty A2 leather jacket

On the bus Sparky happily chatted to the crew…..I kept quite (as I was still half a sleep and a bit grumpy) …….

My dream on Concorde had happened….. I “lived“ the boy hood dream of flying supersonic on Concorde…..I loved every single second of my Concorde flight and my stay in New York.

On the 747 I had high hopes of chilling out and enjoying the flight home, but it wasn’t meant to be…..The flight home was an unpleasant experience for me….I think this was mainly down to my 747 crew not being as fun and not being as relaxing to be with as my Concorde crew…..My Concorde crew where a brilliant laugh, I had the time of my life.

After our flight all the 747 crew wanted to do was to pack their things, get off the plane and go home as fast they could, but on Concorde ALL the crew made time for you and I can’t praise them highly enough for the professionalism and niceness my Concorde crew showed me and my fellow passengers.

Well done my Concorde Crew and well done G-BOAD my Concorde .  

Unlike flying on Concorde which left me fresh and sparkling after my flight, on the 747 apart from the torturing long 7 hr flight home…..I felt very exhausted and tired due to the 747’s cabin which was pressurised at 8000 ft instead of 5000ft as on Concorde.

As I walked down the steps I could see that we where airside…..I really wanted to see if Concorde was on the tarmac…..I really wanted to have a good look at the 747 and take photos of her but I felt if I tried to do that I’d get told off again by the 747 stewardesses.

On my way down to the ground I looked at the 747…….The 747 looked impressive and huge……I wanted to stand on the steps for a bit longer, take a few photos of it and stare at this giant of the skies which had safely but VERY slowly got me home, however  I had queue of people behind me so I didn’t have time to do anything but slowly walk down the tall stairs.

When I got to the ground I had quick look behind me before we got a on a BA crew bus which took us to terminal 4’s airside entrance.