Trip Report

Animation of my 747 coming to land on 09R and

Taxiing to Terminal 4

As we where landing we where still facing backwards….. seconds later we felt the back wheels touching the ground, felt and heard a firm THUD….. A few seconds later our seats went backwards and I felt a second firm THUD  under our feet as the nose wheel hit the runway with all the weight of  the 747…….

747-400 landing at Heathrow.

We felt the plane slow down and hit reverse thrust but this was an extremely gentle feeling of slowing down, Concorde wow when that baby hits reverse thrust you knew it hit reverse thrust as you was pushed forward extremely rapidly in the seat and you could feel a lot of G-force on the body pushing you forward ………. corrrrrrrrrrrr  reverse thrust on Concorde was extremely good fun.

But (compared to Concorde) hitting reverse thrust on a 747 was just so …..s….l….o…w…. and BORRRRRRRRRRING,  I thought


    C’mon fat boy can’t you do any better ?...........

As we landed at the Heathrow my dream of flying on Concorde and being in New York was well and truly over……..But I had the best time of my  life.

During the landing I knew with in the next two days Concorde would never fly passengers again and due to “political“ reasons she would be permanently grounded……. This hurt like hell and for a time I was really depressed and down about it all but I knew I had to pull my self together as over the last 3 days I had the happiest times of my life and I had a lot of things to do today.