Trip Report

24th Oct 2003 – her last day

After the 3 Concordes

The Police officers happily said


Aren’t you the guy from TV who flew on Concorde ?

I was amazed that they asked me this as I was expecting every Heathrow Police officer to be as nasty to me as they always have been …… but these guys where being “nice“ to me.


I happily replied


Yes I am :-)

Police officers happily as ked


How was your flight ?

What was it like to fly on Concorde ?

I chatted to them for 5-10 minutes and explained to them how I got my flight etc, like every one they where amazed at how my friends had got me on her and they where very very happy for me.

It was great to speak to the Police officers and realized not all police officers are nasty like the ones I had to put up with in the summer.

It was great to speak to every one else and I loved every second of it but it was also mentally very very exhausting talking to so many people almost one after the other.

Each time you spoke to some on new, you had to be happy, friendly, bubbly and full of energy (which I normally am like) but after talking so many people in such a short space of time it just drains you of energy, my mouth was feeling very dry and voice was about to go.

Jez phoned me on my mobile phone and said


Jet where are you ?

I replied


Hi Jez, I’m near the Concorde crossing and I’m slowly going to head back to the pub.

At  the Concorde hangers

Jez replied


Jet meet me by the British Airways Concorde hangers.

I said


Jez but we are not allowed to go near there.

Jez replied


There are a lot of people here and the Police aren’t saying any thing to them.

When I heard this I thought


          Great :-) yipeeee, lets go for it :-)

I went on auto pilot and made a beeline for those hangers. When I got there I saw an awful lot of people in the British Airways staff car park which was next to the Concorde hangers.

These people where climbing on the lamp posts and other street furniture etc to get a glimpse of Concorde from there they took photos of all 4 Concorde’s lined up.

I met Jez and many others, the above are the photos we all took.

While I was in the British Airways car park taking photos of Concorde more people recognised me and came up to me for a chat, they all congratulated me for my flight and asked what it was like to fly on Concorde.

A few people who’d actually worked on Concorde and who’d built bits of her in the 1960s came up to me, congratulated me on my successful flight and we chatted for a bit, one guy was in 80’s he said


I  cut  and  built  all  the  mini wings under the  pilot’s  side windows of Concorde.

He was a very nice guy and for me it was an honour for me to meet him as thanks to his hard work and skill, he had taken part in building all the Concordes we all love and adore.

Another woman in her late 60, early 70’s came up to me with her daughters and said she’s seen me on TV, again congratulated me on my flight and said


My late husband did all the wiring on all the Concorde’s ever built, I know next to the

pilots who fly her its not much but my husband did work on her.

I replied


Wow it’s a great honour on meet to you.

Its thanks to your husband’s hard work, skill and dedication that we have Concorde


With tears in her eyes she said


My husband died 10 years ago and it’s a great shame that Concorde retiring, this is a great travesty as this shouldn’t be happening to her, she should be kept flying.

Then she started crying, While she was crying I put my arm around her to comfort her as I didn’t want her to be upset like this.

I replied


Although your husband isn’t here, he and his work will live on forever as thanks to his hard work Concorde flew safely for 27 years and where ever Concorde ends up all your husband’s work will not be in vain because Concorde will live forever and your husband’s work will live forever.

I meant that from my heart and soul and that partly cheered her up.

With my blue stool I took my pictures of all the Concorde’s lined up.

After an hour or so it was getting dark Declan urgently said


Hurry up Jet all the others are down the pub waiting for you.

Concorde Fairwell Party at TGM

I didn’t know they where all waiting for me so I got my stuff and walked back to the pub with Declan, when I got there people cheered and clapped as I walked into  pub it was brilliant, brilliant, it was wonderful

The warmth and friendship I experienced was out of this world, its hard to describe how wonderful it felt….. It was one of the most loving feelings I ever had in my life and it felt brilliant…… A few mins later I was directed to a corner of the pub where Trident man’s wife had made a Concorde cake.

     The above are some of  the photos of the party we had,

     we all had a fantastic and very very happy time.