Trip Report

24th Oct 2003 – her last day

3 Concordes Taxiing to the hangers

But as usual in the my life some one always has to spoil things for me and there was one old guy in his late 50s-60s standing in front of me (close to the Police officer) who was jealous of my flight and started to say racist things like


You’re not British, “go back home“ to your own country.

I AM British and I quietly told him so, but rather than me getting upset by his racism towards me I kept my cool, enjoyed my self  and waited for Concorde…… I wasn’t going let some one like him spoil my good mood and happiness.

Also the female Police officer near me noticed what was going on and hinted to us both to calm down, I did not want any trouble so I continued to be happy.

I guess at the time he was very emotional about Concorde as he was there to see her, because he couldn’t do anything to save her, he hit out on the first thing he could find to take his frustration out on ……….. me and the colour of my skin........

Just before each Concorde reached the Concorde crossing, Heathrow Airport gave Concorde a water salute after Concorde passed under the salute her pilots got 2 british flags and waved then out of the front side flight deck windows and slowly crossed the road at the Concorde crossing.

As each Concorde went through the Concorde crossing more and more people asked me to take a few photos of  Concorde with their cameras........ so I did and it was great fun.

For a time all you could smell in the air was the wonderful aroma of warm jet fuel from Concordes engines, you could hear was the endless clicking of camera shutters, the loud roar of people clapping and cheering and the sound of live Concorde engines running ......

It was breath taking atmosphere.

I tried to take decent photos of Concorde going past, but could not as peoples hands and cameras always got in the way........ But I didn’t care as every one was having fun and no one was nasty to each other.

10 mins later all 3 Concordes had finally past us and made their way to the Concorde hangers.

This was filmed airside by the BBC and shows Concorde crossing the road at the

Concorde crossing

This was filmed airside by the BBC and shows Concorde getting the water salute before heading to the Concorde crossing.

The above shows the route of 3 Concordes

to the Concorde hangers

As they did this the crowd melted away, the old guy who’d earlier on made  the racist remark walked past me and elbowed me hard in the ribs, that hurt and I yelled out - OUCH..........

But I let him get away with it as he was just a sad, miserable, narrow minded old git and I wasn’t going let him upset me and I didn’t.

After this I slowly I walked towards the round about (next to the Concorde crossing) with the aim of going to the green man pub, As I did this more people including Police officers recognised me, this was great fun.