Trip Report

24th Oct 2003 - her last day

3 Concordes Taxiing to the hangers

While this was going on the huge crowds around me started to slowly move and walked towards the Concorde crossing.

Map of where I was standing waiting as the 3 Concordes taxied

through  the Concorde crossing.

Key :-





I was unsure of the best spot to see all 3 Concords as I wanted to get photos of the water fountains over Concorde, but I went towards to the Concorde crossing ………. big mistake ………as I realised I should have been near the fence next the round about before the crossing, I tried to move but it was to late as to many people where around me and behind me

= Press film camera

= A lot of Police

= Police barriers

= Mrs Sparky

   as pink figure

= Me as Blue figure


= Press Photographers

Blue helmet   =

Purple  line    =

Grey figures  =

Police lined up in these areas next to airport fence.

Heathrow Security lined up in these areas next to airport fence.

Huge crowds of people which filled all the roads around the end of the runway.





 These are the huge huge crowds around me, It was like being

a sardine in a tin can. all you could see was an endless sea of

heads stretching to the horizon, this shows how many people

loved Concorde.

As we got to the Concorde crossing we realised the police had blocked off the actual crossing so we where all around 300 feet from it.

As you can see from the above photos between us the Concorde crossing was stretch of almost empty road filled with a lot of Heathrow police officers who had bullet proof vests, yellow coats, huge nasty “police trained“ Alsatian dogs and “live“ machine guns.

They where standing between us and the Concorde crossing gates, that worried me a bit as I was scared because one slip of that Police officers trigger finger and we’d all be machine gunned to death.

I stood there calmly on top of my trusty blue tool with the EOS 3 in my hand waiting for Concorde, as I did this more people recognised me and spoke to me in a very happy way, it was brilliant.

While we all waited for the 3 Concordes come, airside friends of friends of friends (who worked for Heathrow) where lucky enough to take the following  photos


While the 3 Concordes taxied a round the North runway, the pilots continued to speak to Air Traffic control at Heathrow, while this was going on my friends recorded the above.

These are great photos, if Heathrow Airport Management had given me the same airside access I would have taken photos as good or better, But I never got that permission  so I had to stand outside with countless others.

As I stood there I had a female police officer standing infront of me, she looked at where I was standing but knew I was harmless so she let me stand on my blue stool and I waited for Concorde, I was happy.