Trip Report

Above  Some Heathrow Police officers having a well earned

 break and a cup of tea at Heathrow.

Please note in 2009 its was made against the law to take photos of

Police Officers faces, so to comply with the  law  I've  blanked out

the faces of these Police officers……..I hope this ok with any one

from the Police who could be reading this page.

Jez and I then made our way back to the grandstand, when we got there TV and radio crews from the BBC News, ITV, Sky  News, Blue Peter etc where all there talking to more people…..But I made sure I kept a low profile as I didn’t want to be recognised by the TV crews.

When I got on top of  the grandstand I looked at the view and thought no way I can’t get any decent  photos from here.

View from grandstand with trees in

upper middle right of photo blocking

clear runway views

So I headed towards the East side of the North runway (27R) where I knew I’d get clear photos.

When I got there I saw Sparky’s wife Mrs Sparky, mini Sparky and big Sparky, it was brilliant to see them.

We spoke and chatted for a while, I wanted to stay there for longer (as like their company and they where my friends) but I knew I had to get a good spot to see Concorde.

If I didn’t I knew I’d regret this for the rest of my life as today was the only  time I’d see 3 landing.

Searching for a good spot

I looked at my watch it was 3.30pm and I knew that closer to the time their would be more people so I had to get further down the road as early as I could to see Concorde land.

Before I left I asked them


Where’s Sparky ?


Mrs Sparky replied


I’m not sure.

I made my way down the road to a spot I knew I’d get good photos from but on my way there almost every one I walked past recognised me and spoke to me.

It felt unreal (in a very happy way), it was a wonderful warm and very lovely feeling, it was brilliant and I wanted stay longer and chat to every one, but time I was ticking by rapidly and I knew if I didn’t move now I’d miss a good spot to see Concorde land.

When I got close to the spot I wanted to be near I started to chill out and relaxed as it was only 10 feet from where I was standing.

24th Oct 2003 – her last day

2.20pm take off

I had enough and decided to walk down to the end of runway 27R to get a better a view. On way there more people recognised me and we chatted a lot. When I finally got the end of runway 27R it was around 2.55pm and the crowds around it where getting bigger and bigger, by this time the Concorde crossing was blocked off so I had make my way  down the Eastern Parameter  road to see if I could find a better view.

On my way there I met Jez and had chatted for a while then we saw Heathrow police taking a brake from their work and I could not resist I got my EOS 3 camera and took a few photos, it was funny.

This time round I was just waiting for them to say


Ello, ello, ello ……… what’s all this then………. “ move along , move along “

But most just ignored me and one waved his had at me to go away  (which I did).