Trip Report

24th Oct 2003 – her last day

Grandstand - behind trees ....... Doh

When I got to the grandstand I could see many TV crews, TV cameras and TV personalities including a BBC Blue Peter presenter.

I stayed out of the TV cameras views and I stayed away from the BBC presenters next to the grandstand (as I felt with my Concorde flight and with me being on BBC’s Inside out etc I had my 15 minutes of fame and now it was some else’s turn to be famous)…..but I didn’t want to let BBCs 10 ‘O’ clock news down  as I’d given them my word to do an interview and I was still waiting for her to call me and meet me.

It was 2pm and I knew there would be a 2.20pm Concorde take off,  I showed the security guards my invitation and walked up to my seat.  

As I made my way up there I saw Katie’s (Captain Andy Mill’s daughter’s friend) we had a chat and I asked her


How’s Kate ?

Is she ok as I haven’t seen her since 14th October when she was very upset

when Heathrow Police wheel clamped and towed her car away.

Her friend happily replied


Kate’s ok……

I was glad to hear that Kate was ok (as I know how bad Heathrow Police can be and I didn’t want any else to experience Heathrow Police’s nasty side the way I had experienced it).

I asked Kate’s friend


How are you ?

She replied


I’m ok, how was your flight ?, What is like to fly on Concorde ?

I told her what it was like and we happily chatted for a bit.

I wanted to asked her friend out for a drink down the pub as she was a nice looking girl but as ever I didn’t have the bottle to do that so I lost another chance to find “ Miss Right “…….. Doh

Then I saw some good friends (Peer, Rainbow, Thalystgv etc), over the noise of planes taking off  I shouted


Peer good to see you …..

We started chatting but an old guy a few rows behind acted like “ Victor Meldrew “  moaned at me.

He annoyedly said


Your voice is louder than Concorde’s

I jokingly and cheekily said


And your moaning like Victor Meldrew grand-paaaaaaarrrrrrr ………..  

He made more abusive remarks but I tried to ignore him..

Before Concorde was taking off other planes ran past us and their take off noise was louder than mine so I knew this guy was talking out of his rear end.

2.20pm take off

I loaded the EOS 3  with a reel of Truprint ASA/400 24 exposure film, (set the camera up) and waited for Concorde.

Flight Details

•   Aircraft ...........…G-BOAF

•   Flight number .... BA9010

•   Passengers .....….100

•   Destination .....… Around the Bay of Biscay flight.

•   Pilots

•  Captain  ................................ Capt. Paul Douglas

•  Senior First officer................. SFO Mark Jealous

•  Engineering Flight Officer ...... SEO Peter Carrigan

•  Engineering Flight Officer ...... SEO Warren Hazelby

Looking at the list pilots who flew her, in one way I am  linked to this flight as SEO Peter Carrigan was the Engineeing officer on my Concorde flight to New York, which happened 3 days earlier on 21 Oct 2003 on G-BOAD.

Initially I wanted to go and stand near the north parameter fence to see the 2.20pm take off but when I saw those POXY security guards standing near the fence I knew they would humiliate me and say no, so I decided to stay where I was and not risk public humiliation.

As the 2.20pm Concorde made the take off run and took off every one on the grandstand stood up to see it take off, but just as I predicted I got naff photos and I was very cheesed off with grandstand being in a stupid location (behind the trees) as I wanted to take great photos (with no trees in the way) but couldn’t due to the POXY location of the grandstand.

The above is a video showing the 2.20pm take off.

Above are the naff photos I took of

the 2.20pm take off