Concorde's Last Day

The above video was taken by Thalystgv and shows last 3 Concordes landing at Heathrow. This is what people standing outside Heathrow saw……The video also has actual recording of pilots talking to Heathrow Air Traffic Control as they landed.  

Map of all 3 Concordes coming in from the east

and landing on runway 27R

The first Concorde to land was G-BOAE (the one from Scotland) , then came G-BOAF (the one which flew around the bay of Biscay) and the last one was G-BOAG (the one from New York).

24th Oct 2003 – her last day

Found a good spot and ready for Concorde

This time round Heathrow security didn’t mind, I loaded the EOS 3 with a fresh role of  Fuji ASA/400 36 exposure print film and made sure I had 3 more spare roles of 24 exposure ASA/400 film in my pocket and set the camera up, then I waited for all the Concorde’s to come in.

I was very very very excited and also nervous, I didn’t want to muck up the focusing and take bad photos…….

In the distance I could see 2-3 tiny dark triangles slowly coming towards me, when I zoomed my lens in they looked like specs of dust so I thought it was some dirt on my lens and I did  not take photos of those tiny triangles all lined up …….. I cleaned the lens instead.

Big mistake………as I realised it was 2-3 Concordes lined up in the distance, but by then it was to late to get that photo.

5 minutes later I saw a triangle shape coming in low-ish over the horizon. At first it was as big as a mans thumb but as each second passed it was getting bigger and bigger all the time….Then I knew it was Concorde…….my heart suddenly started to beat faster and faster, the closer each Concorde came the faster my heart beat.

The above video was taken by  BBC News and shows last 3 Concordes landing at Heathrow.

This is what tv viewers saw.