Concorde's Last Day

24th Oct 2003 – her last day

Flights home - America

While my friends where watching the take off Sky News and BBC news continued to report live on British tv.

Part 2

The above video was taken by Sky News and BBC News. It shows 2nd part of the last BA002

leaving  JFK.

Rough map of G-BOAG flying from

JFK to Heathrow for the last time.

As soon as G- BOAG left  New York she began her last supersonic flight to the UK

Above are 2 pages of G-BOAE’s flight plan showing technical info.  These are the actual pages used by the pilots on that day.  Click on either of  them to see bigger versions.

•  Captain  ................................ Capt Les Brodie

•  Co Pilot................................. Capt Chris Norris

•  Engineering Flight Officer ...... SEO Trevor Norcott

•  Engineering Flight Officer ...... SEO Paul Griffin

Part 1

The above video was taken by Sky News and BBC News. It shows The first part of  the last BA002 leaving JFK.


In the UK

Flight Details

•   Aircraft .............. G-BOAE

•   Flight number ....  BA9021C

•   Passengers ........ 100

•   Destination .......  Edinburgh Airport  to London  Heathrow Airport

•   Pilots

While G-BOAG was making her last flight to Heathrow, her sister G-BOAE was making the take off run from Edinburgh Airport to Heathrow Airport.

G-BOAE was meant to have 38960 kgs of fuel to fly from Scotland to London with some left for a quick Mach 2 blast over the North Sea, but her pilots asked for an extra 1046 kg bringing the total up to 40,000 kg of fuel..

The extra 1046 kg of fuel was needed because unlike normal Concorde flight to Heathrow (where as soon as Concorde got to London, she would land and then quickly go to Terminal  4), this time round G-BOAE would flying around London with her 2 other sisters and upon landing she would not go straight to Terminal 4, she would be spending time taxiing around Heathrow for roughly an  hour and so she needed the extra fuel to do all this.

Rough  map of G-BOAE flying from

Edinburgh Airport to Heathrow Airport for the last time and flying at mach 2 over the North Sea on her way to Heathrow.