Trip Report

Many Thanks

It shows that not all Police officers are bad power crazed “sons of Hitler“  like the ones who annoyed the hell out of me for nothing in the summer of  2003.

Most Police officers are good honest hard working people who care about the public, I wish more Police officers  where  like  you  “ good guys”.….I hope I don’t regret what I’ve  just said.

It’s a great pity and a real shame that the CEO of Airbus won the battle in grounding Concorde for life, you lost and had to ground Concorde.

The dates of


  3  October 2003          Day I got my dream ticket and 2 BBC TV crews filming me.

  4  October 2003          Day I was treated like a “star“ by Ray Hough and the BBC.

  13 October 2003         Day I was on BBC TV

 20 October 2003         First Concorde hanger visits.

  21 October 2003         My Concorde flight

  22 October 2003         My stay in New York

  23 October 2003         Last BA001 Concorde from Heathrow

  24 October 2003         Last day of Concorde commercial flights

 30 October 2003         Last Concorde hanger visits.

26 November 2003      Last Concorde Flight