Trip Report

Life after Concorde

Back to real life

I still can’t believe that I flew on Concorde, when I look at the photos and video taken of me………the guy in them doesn’t feel like me……. he looks exactly the same as me……. he sounds the same as me and dresses the same as me but I don’t feel like he is me (if that makes any sense) as wonderful things happened to him…….. wonderful things like that don’t happen to me but I am him and “I“ did fly on Concorde.

A few days after I came home I got back in the car to drive around Romford, before I flew on Concorde I drove the car to the relevant speed limit but after my flight I noticed that I drove the car slowly as I couldn’t see the point of going fast because I had travelled at twice the speed of sound on Concorde and nothing can beat that.

After I got home things happened so so fast that I didn’t have time to get my head around things or understand what had really happened to me.

I had so many e-mails to reply to, that to this day I haven’t had time to read them all or reply to them all, on top of all this I knew sooner or later I had to go back to the utter hell and misery of job hunting.


The bags I had left in the sitting room with all my Concorde things stayed there for 2-3 months until I got round putting those things safely away I guess they where not put away as I didn’t want to think that the dream was over, I  didn’t want to think that Concorde would never fly …….. it was just to painful to think this.….….. for me Concorde wasn’t just a “plane“ she was the ship of dreams, where my dreams became ”REAL“.

In the summer of 2004 I found the address of my Concorde Captain (Andy Mills) and my co-pilot James Bedforth, I sent them each a thank letter and one of my Concorde  photos in A4 size……. I wanted to send my flight engineer (Peter Carrigan) a thank you letter as well but I heard he left British Airways shortly after Concorde was grounded so I couldn’t do that…….I wanted to send my stewardesses a thank you letter for my Concorde flight but I only knew their first names so I couldn’t send them a Thank you letter.

I wanted to send a thank you letter to each of my Concorde pilots and stewardesses because they flew me safely to New York and made my actual Concorde flight a very very memorable and extremely special experience.

Last night (10 Dec 2004) I actually started to read through the posts people put about me in October 2003…….there was so much warmth and happiness…… now when I read them I get a warm glow inside…… forget Ready Break read a few of those posts and they work just as well.

After the last Concorde flights my friends and I on Concorde SST decided to save G-BBDG, this Concorde is a “real“ prototype Concorde which flew in the 1970s before the production Concorde’s flew, this plane is currently at Brooklands museum in Weybridge.

When Brooklands museum needed people to help out or help raise funds to restore her I did try and go there to help out but I couldn’t go there that much as it took me 2 ½ to 3 hrs including the ½ hour walk from Weybridge station to get to Brooklands museum and from Romford its currently £10-£11 train fare…… With no job, no dole and hence no money I could not afford to go there as often as I wanted to help out.

Airbus A380-hippo

I’ll probably go there a few times to see it with the EOS 3 but after that I wont bother because apart from Concorde or “son of Concorde“, no other passenger plane will be as exciting or thrilling to watch as Concorde was.

Final end of Concorde

When Concorde was retired I didn't want believe that she would never come back,  I didn't want to believe the plane I chased and dreamed for most of my life, the plane which literally made the earth shake as I  watched her thundered past me was gone,  part of me didn't want believe that she would never ever fly again…………

I didn't want believe that Concorde would never ever carry passengers again and that I would never be allowed to save up to get a 2nd chance to fly on her to see 2 sunsets and 1 sunrise in a 3 ½ hour period…… I didn't want believe I would never ever hear the noise of her engines and smell the sweet smell of her afterburner exhaust.