Trip Report

Making the trip report

MS-Word version

After my flight Sparky suggested I write down things about my flight while they where still fresh in my mind, it on/off it took me 12-18 months to write down every thing I remembered on 2 x 150 page note pads bought from Tesco.

From 25th October 2003 – January 2005 as I finished each rough chapter in the notepads I started to type this up in to MS Word and did all the maps, diagrams etc which took forever.

Apart from constantly job hunting I was also very very busy writing this trip report…….  On most days I often use to stay up all night writing the report, I often spent 12 hrs or more almost every day on writing this report some times while writing the report I got writers block so I had to stop for a few days to get unblocked.

In Oct 2003 because so many things had happened to me, it was very hard to write them down all in one go in an MS Word file, it took time to piece all these things together, understand what happened for it make any sense and for others to see how much excitement and fun I had …….

Tape 2

After my flight the plan was for me to also get tape 1 and tape 2 from the BBC (which I’d used on my flight), down load them in to my pc, join them together, edit out the kak bits of filming (as I am no good at videos) keep the good bits including the  ATC (Air Traffic Control)  and  use all that as data and as a base for this trip report.  

But the BBC morning crew of  23 Oct 2003 "lost" tape 2............

When I heard this I was extremely devastated, I was totally and utterly gutted, it hurt like hell .

For a short point in time I was extremely depressed and low at the loss of  tape 2 as tape 2 had 90% of the data I needed for this trip report..

Tape 2 also recorded part of the happiest moments of my life, it recorded the end of my Concorde flight and my 24 hrs in New York.

While I was using tape 2 I was recording unique things in my life, I was really really looking forward to merging tape 2 with tape 1 to make a video of my entire flight and 24 hrs in New York.

From 2003-2006 I asked the BBC countless time for my tapes, to be fare and to their credit they found tape 1 of my flight and posted it to me…… They said they would continue to try and find tape 2 but after many many months and years of searching they  finally had to admit defeat and said they had lost tape 2. ................and where extremely sorry.........

Tape 2

When the BBC said they lost tape 2 I couldn’t believe it,  I could not believe this had happened as this is the “BBC“ and not dodgy Dave’s TV studio but it did happen and I never saw tape 2 again.

Loosing all that stuff was a huge blow to me.

The BBC knew how much tape 2 meant to me and sincerely apologised for loosing it but that didn’t bring back tape 2 and it didn’t bring back my lost memories.

I don’t hate the BBC, I like them and I am proud that some one as respected as the BBC where interested in me, but at the time I was upset at how could they the “BBC“ loose tape 2, it was utterly stupid ......... but life goes on............. and now I’ve accepted that tape 2 has been lost and I will never get it back ……..

I tried to forget about loosing tape 2 but it didn’t work, it hurt a lot but I had some good news, thanks to Jonathan Beddoes I got back most of the “lost footage“ I had on tape 2 from Jonathan as he was on my flight sitting in seat 17A.……He video’d our flight on his camcorder and more or less got almost the same video as I took with my camcorder, I got other bits I needed from various other sources to complete this report.

Without  Jonathan’s help and support this trip report would not have been as accurate  as it has been.


For the MS Word version I used software such as Magix Audio Cleaning lab and Magix Video Delux 2.0 Plus software


to digitally “clean“ the raw ATC and videos about my flight, then I started the very long process of extracting the speech of the pilots, ATC and me and transcripting all this in to my trip report…….

I wanted to transcript every single word and every single pause which happened in real life on my flight, then I had to work out in real time when these conversations happened on my flight and where was I when my pilots and ATC said this or that to each other  this took a long time to accurately work out ……….