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In this report I put how I feel abut things but the way I word things can some times be taken in the wrong way by people who don't know me. When it comes to weman  although in this report I some times may have come across as a bit of "a lad" people who know me, know I have the utmost respect for weman .

If my comments about weman have been  deamed offensive then I sincerely apologise as they where never intended in that way.

From 3rd October – 24th October 2003 I had the time of my life as I suddenly catapulted from being unknown with nothing to being some one who was famous and part of Concorde.

I was suddenly sling shot in to a world where every one and any one knew me, where for a point in time I was one of  the most famous people in London and possibly in the UK…… I  had 2 BBC TV crews filming me……I had the most amount of good luck and happiness I ever got in my life and I was lucky enough to fly on one of the last Concorde’s in history to fly to New York.

I felt like a pop star, I felt like a  “some body“ the whole wanted to know me….. I had some news crews from around the world wanting to interview me but I just didn’t have enough time to see them, it was just unreal at how big and how fast things really happened……. I felt like the world was on my side….. I had all the happiness and joy in the world.

Up to October 2003 I had never flown any ware, flying on Concorde and back home on 747 allowed me to see the world, it allowed me to experience different cultures and cities (as New York is different from London)……. It allowed me   to see how far I could travel in a day and I loved ever single second of it.

Even flying on a 747 I love air travel as it’s a great adventure and I am hungry to see and explore the world. I would love to do that but I cant do that with out money and a job as money makes the world go round.

After I came home I wished we had landed in Gander in Canada and taken off again to JFK as I would have loved to have had 2 Concorde landings and 2 Concorde take offs in one trip……. wow that would have been so so brilliant as there is nothing quite like a “Concorde“ take off and landing.

Although my Concorde flight was over I felt  that I owed my friends some thing as with out them the flight would never had happened, but because I was out of work I couldn’t afford to buy them any fancy gifts as thank you presents for making the dream come true.

The hatred I was getting from some peoples e-mails and posts on ConcordeSST was sub consciously also effecting me a huge huge lot and making me feel extremely guilty for my flight.....

Add this to me genuinely wanting to thank my friends and in the end it was a slow spiraling way down. Sub consciously at every opportunity I got to see my friends I kept saying thank you for the flight…… I felt that I had to say thank you to them.

After a while my friends felt very very embarrassed and really got fed up with me saying thank you all the time (as this wasn’t the guy who they got the flight for…….The guy who they got the flight for was still me but not the one who belittled him self to all the time to friends who trusted and respected him a lot.)

In the end my friends happily said


          Jet we got you the flight because you deserved it, we know you feel that

          you owe us, but you don’t and you don’t need to  keep  on  saying  thank

          you all the time as its now becoming irritating.

         Our reward was making the dream happen for you  and  your  present  to

         us was seeing you flying on Concorde and the trip report.


         You don’t need to keep on saying thank you to us all the time.

         When they said this I felt relieved.

After my flight apart from going to Heathrow to see the last Concorde ferry flights (which happened from 31 Oct 2003 to 26 Nov 2003).

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