Trip Report

Above I was even mentioned on BBC teletxt

I got interviewed by 2 local newspapers……I was in a book about Concorde which was published in December 2003.

Lessons of fame

Fame never  brought me fortune…….it never got me the best seat on the train or restaurant…….it never opened any new doors in to working on TV or radio.……It never got me invitations to TV Soap awards or what ever parties “celebrities” get invited to……..It never changed my life…….it never made me "big" headed or arrogant.

I made sure I kept my feet firmly on the ground as I knew fame wasn’t going to last so I made sure that I made time to keep in touch with my friends/family.

When your up there it feels truly and utterly fantastic……your on a real real real high, you feel the whole world loves you…….you feel higher and happier than you’ve ever felt in your whole life…… you feel like this will carry on forever but sooner or later things change the upward momentum stops and you start falling……..At first its gradual but then the next moment it picks up and it gets faster and faster.

When you hit the ground and come back down to the “real“ world you’ve got to make sure you don’t cheese people off who helped you get up there as these are the people who are your real friends…….the ones up there are not……. they are there for you when your a star but not there for you when ain’t.

I learned what a famous life style is like and how to handle the press……I was never scared of the press interviewing me……I was never scared of people who I had never met before talking to me or asking me for autographs….…I was happy doing that.

Facing the world's press and talking to people about my flight was an extremely nice experience which I liked a lot

What fame did was to show me what life was “like“ to be rich and famous……how to react to certain situations and how to behave with respect and honour as I will always be linked with Concorde and people who remember will always remember me as ”The guy who flew on Concorde “.  

I’ve had my 15 minutes of fame and I know in the future I will never ever be as famous as I was in October 2003.

Some times I really miss fame a lot as I miss all the excitement and fun  we all had to the build up to my flight and my flight it self.

I miss the excitement and fun of the world’s press wanting to interview me as that felt great…….I guess it was the feeling that people where interested in me and that I was “wanted“ by people that was one of the very wonderful feelings I had.

I’ve now totally faded in the back ground with other “ has beens “ and “one hit wonders”.

Most of the public don’t remember me that some times feels very sad and lonely, at times it hurts because you know that in October 2003 countless people in the London area had seen you on tv and in some way knew you, to get back to the “real“ world from that height and to get back to “reality“ where your back to being just a normal unknown person……. Getting down back to reality gets a bit of getting use to.

Some times I do remotely get recognised this is nice, most times people are nice to me but a few times I get people who take the mickey out of me and they say


Ha ha ha Concorde’s been  grounded what are you going to do now ha ha ha ………

That gets on my nerves but this is the reverse side of fame and I know I have to take the rough with the smooth.

But in general I now know what  “forgotten“ pop stars and celebrities feel like…..other times I don’t miss fame as I’m glad I’ve got my privacy back…….but overall I miss Concorde with all my heart and soul as she was part of my life for 27 years.

Looking on the bright side in many ways I’m glad that I was never a high profile celebrity……I’m glad that I wasn’t famous enough to have the Paparazzi chasing me like they chase proper famous people and celebrities as that would not have been much fun ………..

Every one has their moments of fame, when it ends you just got to some how deal with loosing it and try to get on with a “ normal “ life ……. which at times can be extremely hard………….

Famous for 3 weeks

Dark side of the dream - Hate e-mails and posts on forums.

But although before and after my dream flight people said very nasty things to me

On the 21st and 23rd October 2003 I put these things to the back of my mind, I never ever let these hate e-mails and hate posts on Concorde SST, I never let that hatred effect me and destroy my dream.

On those 3 days I was having the time of my life, during that time I never ever allowed peoples hate filled thoughts to hurt me in anyway………

But when I came home and went back online it was like walking in to hell as I was badly abused, verbally attacked and my life was made as unbearable as possible by sad, jealous evil people who had nothing better to do with their time than to waste it by picking on me......... How sad can you get ......

A few weeks after I came home some one on ConcordeSST put a topic about should people help Jetinder get anything else……..When I read people’s  comments on that thread it hurt a lot as I’m NOT a “charity” case and I never asked for my flight, I never asked for anything.


From the hate comments and e-mail I got I’m only now learning that the world can be a nasty place and if you’re a success or have some kind of good luck not every one will be happy for you.

During this time I spoke to my friends including Sparky and Ray Hough about this they

said :-

      Jet you don’t owe any one any thing as most people bought your CD, no one forced

      them to buy it, they wanted to buy the CD and they bought some thing which helped

      you get your flight, they didn’t send money and get nothing, they all got some thing.

I agreed with them as people never got ripped off………the photos and videos on my CD are a good…….They are unique record of Concorde and  some thing which you cant buy in the shops as at the time my photos etc where never sold or published anywhere  except for that CD.

People bought my CD because they wanted to buy it, no one forced them in anyway to buy it in any way.

Overall the only things which stopped me from hitting utter rock bottom, being totally unhappy and falling apart where my friends on Concorde SST like Sparky, Douglas, Jez, Jules, Tina, Rachel, Mark, Christian, WesternDH, Rainbow, Peer, Alba, Mike Turner, Ray Hough, Mr C to name a few of my friends on Concorde SST.  

These guys where there for me and they helped where they could by allowing me just to talk……..The other things which stopped me from hitting utter rock bottom was my mum who was  my rock and stood by me, she told me not to worry about the haters……The other fact is that my Concorde flight was the happiest experience of my whole life, that happiness and joy is at the time of writing this trip report was still in my heart and soul.

But in the long run the hate e-mails and posts did change me…….it took my innocence and happiness away…….it made me upset and in the end my enemies won as this is exactly how they wanted me to feel........

If they are reading this then they can pat them selfs on the back for “mission accomplished”.............

Its now 17 Dec 2008 and even now 5 years after my flight I still some times get hate mails or hate posts on the internet about me and my flight………. Its crazy you would have thought by now people would have got over it but they haven’t ……….. The above sounds negative but it was part of my life at the time.

Press still want to interview me

While I was famous I had the whole world’s press wanting to interview me …….this felt strange as I never really thought I was anything special, I was just “me“ but when I was good at some thing I knew I was good at it.

It felt really good but it was also extremely hectic so I know exactly how TV/movie stars feel when they have people asking for interviews/autographs etc as I was a star for October 2003……..After my flight I was on BBC London's TV, BBC London Radio, BBC Radio 5 live, BBC's teletxt.