Trip Report

The above where taken on 30 Oct 2003 after G-BOACs last flight at Heathrow.

It is one of countless photos people took of me after my flight. I met two

lovely ladies (names I forgot) who also came from Romford and

loved Concorde as much as me.

It was hard to understand that I had the world’s press wanting to interview me, it was hard to understand that I had spoken to celebrities and stars like the BBCs Andrew Winstanley and Sumit Bose who I’d always seen on TV but now I’d actually spoken to these guys and they knew me.

Yet each night they where the same guys who appeared in my living on national TV and who appeared to countless millions of TV views …….. but I knew and met them and they really interviewed “me“ that’s a weird and wonderful feeling.

When I got home mum was extremely proud of me, she is still extremely happy and proud that I flew on Concorde, that I was filmed by 2 BBC film crews and I had the world’s press wanting to interview me……..Relatives who’d heard through word of mouth about me flying on Concorde where also happy for me…….Next door neighbours where also very happy for me.

On 21 October 2003 while I was rocketing  to New York on Concorde  unknown to me BBC London had broadcast me on their 6.30pm and 10.30pm news slots, they also broadcast me on their  6.30pm and 10.30pm news slots on 23rd October 2003……I didn't know anything about this until  6-12 months later I had some spare time and watched some of clips of the programs on TV.

Famous for 3 weeks

After my flight I met a lot of people who worked, designed, built, flew and looked after Concorde…..I met people who simply admired Concorde for many years, they come to Heathrow to see her last few days and where happy for me.

People wanted my autographs and a lot where taking photos of me at first it felt strange and weird as countless people suddenly came up to me and talked to me (I had never experienced that before)……But I got use to it as every one I met where genuinely very warm, caring and friendly towards me that felt really good and it showed that not every one in the world is bad or nasty.

Above is clip of me which was shown live on BBC London on 23 Oct 2003 when the last BA001 Concorde left Heathrow for JFK

When I saw my self on BBC London's new at first I felt embarrest as I never saw my self on video let alone on national tv and know I am not god’s gift to weman…… As I watched more clips of me I wondered how many people had really seen me on TV and would people like my ex girl friend have seen me on TV ???????

I really didn't know, but if she had seen me I bet it would have been a bit of a shock to her because  after we split up many years ago…..I feel that she never expected to see me on BBC TV…..The thought of her suddenly seeing me on BBC TV and being shocked made me laugh as to see the look on her face and her thinking


      I know that name, I use to know him, what’s he doing on TV ?...........

that must have been a priceless moment, but I never found out what she thought, I never saw or spoke to her.

After I got back I had more e-mails congratulating me for my flight, I had a few more text messages from some of my old computer operator friends and managers from old firms I worked for congratulating me for my flight…..this was a very wonderful warm but unbelievable experience.

But there where also people who where extremely  envious and jealous that I flew on her.