Trip Report

SR71A Blackbird

Supersonic flight has always been some thing which people look in awe and wonder, they think it is the “future”  they think only highly trained fighter pilots can fly supersonic planes.

SST with Concorde’s range

The only military plane to achieve similar results to Concorde was the SR71A Blackbird but no fighter plane can ever match Concorde in terms speed and range at a constant supersonic speed for more than 2 hrs. However in the 1990s the SR71A was phased out so up until October 2003 only Concorde was the world’s fastest, safest and most advanced long range supersonic plane ever built, others follow where Concorde leads………….


The hangers in which she the pride and flag ship of the entire fleet, the pride of our entire nation once stood so proud and mighty in have now had all their Concorde gantries and servicing equipment etc either destroyed and sold off to the scrap man or sold off to the highest bidder on countless auctions……so in effect wiping out any chances we had of ever getting her back in to the air… her place now sit the SLOW fat 747 and other SLOW  fat subsonic planes.……

That’s so so so humiliating and insulting to Concorde and her home, but no one cares … one gives a hoot as Concorde is “now“ the  past  and it is extremely sad and depressing thing to see this happen to such a thrilling and fantastic plane as she didn’t deserve this fate.

She isn’t the past in fact she IS the “future“, since the birth of Concorde technology has got better and better but NO other passenger plane in history ever achieved what Concorde achieved …… she was unique  and a one of a kind.  

Before Concorde the only people who broke the sound barrier and flew fast than sound where highly trained, skilled and experienced test pilots and fighter pilots who spent decades gaining their experience and flying aircraft which could be extremely dangerous like the X1, X15, F104 Star fighter and RAF Lightning to name a few.