Trip Report

Time Compressor

From the outset Concorde was designed and built to be as fuel efficient as possible to fly at mach 2 and at maximum range covering 4000 miles, no other passenger plane in history can do that.

The 747 was huge compared to Concorde, yes it did have bigger seats etc but next to Concorde the plane was SLOW, god was it    S  L  O  W    and even in Business class it was noisy…… Compared to Concorde the 747 took forever to get from A to B and despite the huge sleeper seats I suffered from jet lag.

Next to Concorde I hated any plane which was slower than Concorde because once you experience mach 2 flight nothing else compares……. nothing else is good enough as flying mach 2 as the whole point is to get from A to B as fast as possible, not sit there forever.

On Concorde you never heard of any one dying from Deep Vain Thrombosis ( which is caused by sitting in one place for a long time with out moving which can cause blood cloths and people have died from this)…… On 747s and other subsonic planes this disease exists and can kill. Its well known that next to Concorde it takes subsonic planes a long time to get from A to B but Concorde never had this problem as you wasn’t in the air long enough to experience such things.

Although Concorde flew intercontinental her pilots and crew where classed as “medium range” crew as they where only in the air for the same amount of time that subsonic planes take to fly to Spain or Greece…… From London flying to Europe is classed as medium range.

People who bad mouth Concorde have never really experienced what Concorde truly is…… they cant comprehend what its like to fly to a place in HALF the time it takes other SLOW planes to fly the SAME distance……. They can’t understand what its like to fly at  twice the speed of sound in a plane which was designed and built in the days when things like flat screen colour tvs (which look like huge windows on a wall), CD’s, home computers… walking on the moon….. the Internet and mobile phones etc where just science fiction but which now in 2008 are part of our daily lives and we take these things for granted.

Concorde’s design is a classic which can never be changed as for what it is, it is the best design there is, she fly’s as good as she looks.

If these people really understood this then they would appreciate what Concorde was and how good she really is……….


People say the 747 is more " economical " than Concorde as it has more “bums on seats”.

I feel if you had a 747 with the same passengers and crew as Concorde I bet the 747 would work out to be "more" expensive to run per mile than Concorde as the 747 is heavier (the air inside its huge cabin weighs 1 ton alone).

The 747 has to carry more fuel to push all that weight through the sky and covers the same distance as Concorde but in twice the time it takes Concorde to fly to New York, as the 747 is slower and heavier than Concorde in every sense of the word…… So looking at it that way I still feel Concorde is a better than a 747 or any other subsonic in EVERY sense of the word….. Some people will say no it ain’t, but to me she IS.

Now in the eyes of the general public Concorde has now been “forgotten“ and is now a “relic“ of the past, a thing which is “old fashioned“ and “has been“.

However in the summer of 2003 people where jumping hand over fist to fly on her and during that summer countless thousands came to see her.

For 27 years up until the end of October 2003  she was the height of luxury, she was at the cutting edge of technology and performance, she was our pride and joy……. If she had still been flying now she would have had the same status and respect.

Now I feel no one not even the senior managers at British Airways and Air France “ care ” …………

In May 2003 all Air France Concordes where flown off to far off places in America and France, in November 2003 all 5 British Airways Concordes where flown off to far off places in America and England to “retire” and are now “museum “ pieces.  

The website of Airbus (the company who made and looked after Concorde for 27 years) now doesn’t even list Concorde as part of its history as to Airbus it feels like Concorde never existed……….

To add insult to injury all her parts where either sold off in auctions or binned/scrapped.  

The highly skilled and experienced Concorde pilots and engineers who where once the elite, the best of the best and who kept her flying and running safely for 27 years for both airlines have also been relegated to “the past”  and either been “pensioned off“ or sent to some other lesser jobs than befits the best airline pilots and crew in world  (“Concorde“ pilots and “Concorde“ crew).