Trip Report

Key   :-                = Mach meters at the end of the cabin


My only criticism about Concorde was where the designers put the mach meters….. as well as putting them on the ends of cabins they should have also put one display in front of the emergency  exit door in the centre of Concorde, that way the stewardesses could have got on with their work and we passengers could have stood next to those mach number displays out of the way of the stewardesses working and still had our photos taken.

Flying on Concorde was the happiest experience of my whole life….. the flight it self was extremely smooth and you didn’t feel like you where flying twice the speed of sound (1,320 mph)….. you didn’t feel like you was flying at 58,000 feet you felt like you was still on ground with her engines being revved up it was so so smooth.

The flight was extremely smooth….. it was like being in fast lift and not in plane as it wasn't a sudden acceleration it was just smooth gentle continuous power….. you only felt a slight push in the seat 20 seconds after we took off and that push lasted 10 seconds.

When you walked up and down the isle the only sensation you felt was like walking on a mattress or a boat on still water this was due to the plane automatically constantly finding and adjusting its own altitude.

When we went from subsonic speed to braking the sound barrier the Captain lit the after burners some people felt a tiny kick or “ push “ in their back as the after burners where lit before we accelerated from subsonic speed to braking the sound barrier at mach 1.

Concorde’s cabin was pressurised at 5000ft, 747s cabin was pressurised at 8000 ft in layman’s terms what this means is that people on Concorde got off the flight feeling “ fresh“……people who flew on the 747 generally felt a bit awful and grouchy due to the increased cabin pressure of the 747 and hence lack of oxygen as the higher up you go the less oxygen there is.

If a cabin is pressurised at 5000ft it will have more oxygen than a cabin pressurised at 8000ft and hence you will feel fresher.

The trip home on 747 was never as smooth as Concorde but compared to a Ryan Air 737-200 the 747 was a great plane to fly on as it was massive….. it was like a flying house.

The critics and tree huggers complained about Concorde being  to small, carried to little passenger and drank to much fuel.

These people can’t understand nor can they ever comprehend what Concorde is…. the fact that in theory “Every day man“ could fly to ANY part of the world at ANY point in time and as many times as you like at twice the speed of sound (around 1,320 mph) with out being dressed in a fighter pilot's pressure suite and without needing any special training to fly in the supersonic plane is some thing which most people can’t ever begin to  understand.

They also can’t understand that Concorde was a totally “new  technology“  which was never fully utilised.

Ok it regularly flew the rich to America and Barbados in pure luxury and at twice the speed of sound but Concorde was more than just that,……. she was a true “mile eater“…..meaning that she had the proven record and ability (even with refuelling stops) to “shrink” the world and make ultra long distances just a short journey in time compared to flying the same journey in a slow “subsonic“ plane like the Boeing 747 etc which in time would take twice as long as Concorde.


If Concorde had been allowed to regularly fly from London Heathrow to Sydney or Perth – Australia I guess even with 1-2 refuelling stop/s she would have done it in half the time it now takes a Boeing 747 to do it which takes around 24-25 hours to make that journey compared to I guess around 12-13 hrs it would have taken Concorde.

The ability to regularly fly long distances safety and quickly in Concorde would have proved its worth to people travelling to Japan, Hong Kong, India, China, Australia, Hawaii, etc but she was never used for this purpose on regular basis.  

If she had been then people would have fully realised what a "benefit" Concorde was as she "saved time".

If firms had absorbed the intial losses and flew her to far off places then over time she would have become the only way to fly from A to B and would have dominated the world.