Trip Report

End of my Adventure

My feelings and views about  - my Concorde flight, New York and 747

We would have seen the New York skyline from the Staten Island ferry….. seen the statue of Liberty from that Staten  Island ferry…… seen Wall street…… seen the Chrysler building and many other places which we just didn’t have the “time“ to see.

Flying home on Concorde BA002 would have made all that possible but the last BA002 to fly from JFK to Heathrow left JFK at 9am New York time……the only other BA002 to leave JFK was on Friday morning (24 October 2003), we had to home by 23rd October  2003 so we had no choice but to get on the SLOW 747.

Sparky, Jez, Peer and WesternDH where like the brothers I never had, Rachel felt like a distant sister or distant cousin (but we none of us are related in any way)…..Sparky and the others are one of my best friends.

With Sparky he took me under his wing….. he cared enough to take the time out from his personal life….. he took time out of his work and out of his family life to fly to New York 7 hours a head of me….. met me in New York…… showed me round in New York with Mario and above all to made sure I was safe, secure and ok.

No one ever cared that much about me…….. no one has ever done that for me and that is some thing I will always remember and be grateful for to me Sparky  will always be close friend  

If people think I am going a bit over the top by saying this, I ain’t because how many other people would have done that for me ?

Not even my uncles (who I’ve known since I was baby) would have ever done for me, but Sparky did this for me.

Sparky and his family cared enough about me to allow him to fly half way across the world to New York 7 hours a head of me……meet me there… me round New York with Mario and to come home with me.

Apart from Sparky no one has ever done that for me and this in my eyes makes him a special person. In some ways he is to me a hero figure of some kind and I do look up to him also as I’m 5.10ft and he’s also 6.6 ft he is taller than me.

If Concorde had still been flying it would have been funny if Sparky and I had a race……where he got on a 747 and flew  to New York 15 minutes before I took off in Concorde to fly the same distance….. I would have been in New York 4-5 hours before him because as I would have past south west Ireland and would have accelerated to mach 2, I would have over taken him and beaten him to New York.

You could have had another scenario where Sparky would have got on a 747 3 hrs before my Concorde flight and I still would have beaten him to New York as 747 and its Subsonic cousin are just to fat and SLOW.


But we can only dream about these things as Concorde will never fly so all this is academic.

I loved New York…… I loved America and I liked its people as to me Americans are kind, warm and caring people…..I loved their sweets to me it was all a new and wonderful experience. I hope one day I can go back for a longer 2–4 week holiday as I’d love to experience more of America and its culture in real life rather than seeing it on a movie or TV show because seeing some thing on tv or in a movie doesn’t allow you to experience in real life what it is “actually” like.

Apart from chasing Concorde before flying on Concorde I saw videos of Concorde which showed what a typical flight was like…….I saw many tv programs and movies about America and New York but until I flew on Concorde….. until I was actually in America and in New York I never really knew what both things where actually like

But after flying on Concorde, when I was actually walking round in New York and smelling all those different smells, hearing those different sounds…..looking at the landscape and seeing different things around me and knowing that I wasn’t not sitting at home in Romford watching this from tv but I was really here half way across the world that’s when it hit me…..that’s when I  experienced “real“ things.

When you see holiday programs from tropical islands in the south pacific….it looks nice on tv but until your actually there, you have to go there to see it and feel it.

You have to experience things with your own mind, body and soul to know what they feel like. Books, tv programs or movies cant really give the real life…..the actually “ being there experience” simply because every one is different so what one person experiences and feels may not be the same as what another person experiences or feels of the same thing….. but you need to be there to experience the real thing.

I’d love to see the world and travel……..I’d love to do what Michael Palin did in his BBC TV show called Pole to pole and around the world in 80 days because I want experience for my self what the world is really like.

American chocolate is very very strong stuff after I got home I ate one bar  of   that’s  as  thick  as  2 peaces of printer paper but it made me very ill and I was ill for a while as I ain’t use to such strong chocolate so I’m keeping all the others as souvenirs of my trip to America…..