Trip Report

End of my Adventure

My feelings and views about  - my Concorde flight, New York and 747

After I came home most people who never flew on Concorde never understood her significance……….they never really understood what I actually did or what I had actually achieved in my personal life.

To me flying on Concorde was the high light of my whole life….. it was a realisation that I’d actually flown at twice the speed of sound and done things which only dreams are made of……I done things which fighter pilots and astronauts do and that is flying faster than sound.

Flying on Concorde was as high as I could physically ever go (as the next step up from Concorde was every day people walking the moon and that will never happen in my life time).

On 21 October 2003 although my plane was being flown by my pilots me and 91 passengers


Did brake the sound barrier

Did flew faster than sound

Did fly at twice the speed of sound (1,320 mph).

Did fly faster than rifle bullet.

Actually flew as fast as most of test pilots and fighter pilots do.

Went faster than Formula 1 world champion Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton.

Went faster than a Ferrari

Went faster than the guy who broke the world land speed record in Thrust SSC.  

We all really did this…….Thinking about it now is mind blowing and I can’t believe it happened……. I can’t believe I did this but I did happen and I did do this.

For around 3 hours I was physically moving at 23 miles a minute, at 58,000 feet near the edge of space…. unless you’re an astronaut no one can ever travel that fast and that high for such a long period of time…..But on Concorde me and 91 other passengers did…..For around 27 years Concorde crews and passengers did that 4 times a day, 7 days a days a week (excluding Christmas day).

Now (unless you join the air force) no one can do that but most people who never flew on Concorde can’t understand this……….

Most people simply can’t understand


Airline pilots will never have access to so much power and so much speed, they will never have the kind of freedom Concorde pilots had (who I feel) where the masters of the universe and at any point in time could instantly accelerate to mach 2 with no worries and knew they could cross huge oceans and fly for up to 4 hrs at twice the speed of sound……

They could get to far off places faster than ANY ONE else……that’s how much power, speed and freedom Concorde had.

Now all that is gone………… all that is part of history and that is a huge huge loss.

People still can’t understand what Concorde is, in the same way that I can’t fully understand what an Apollo Saturn V is….Ok I know what rocket looks like, seen its take off on tv and video…

But because I never flew on one because I never experienced or seen one taking off from just looking at it on the ground I can’t understand what the Saturn V really was  or what it was “like to fly“ on the Saturn V.

To me flying 2 times faster than sound near the edge of space for 3 hours is some thing which not many people in this world have ever done in their entire lives, its some thing which “every day people” like you and me will never be able to do unless we bring Concorde back or get "son of Concorde".

On my trip to New York time was the biggest factor was time this limited us in what we could see or do, if we knew that could get home on another Concorde then we would have been able to stay in New York for 3–4 hrs longer.