Trip Report



Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, China, Canada, Czech republic, Denmark, Finland, Sweden,

Norway, New Zealand, France, Germany, Ireland, India, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands,  

Switzerland, Spain South Africa,  Italy, UK, USA (about 15 states)

To name a few countries bought the Jetinder CD…..I heard roomers that Windsor Castle bought my CD as in Windsor Castle which is owned by the Her majesty The Queen…..I ain’t sure if the Queen or any one associated with her family ever saw the Jetinder CD, I personally reckon they didn’t …..

Overall I was amazed at how many people had actually bought the CD, I never expected the CD to sell let alone sell this well as I never thought my photos of Concorde where any good because I ain’t a professional photographer but people thought other wise, they did buy the CD and they liked it…..this in turn made me happy as my photos where making people happy.

A few weeks after I got home I gave Sparky, WesternDH, Rachel, Ari, Jez, Peer, Gordon and Starlight framed A4 size photos of ones I took my self in 2003 as a thank you present to them from me to them for working so hard in making my dream happen.

Me and Sparky with the present I gave him to thank him for my Concorde flight.

Producing the Jet CD

A few days after Sparky got home from New York, he teamed up with Starlight. Apart from spending time with their own families and spending 8-12 hours at work…..On top of all this they spent another 5-6 hrs of their own time making the Jetinder CDs and posting them out to people who had bought them before my flight.

On their days off Sparky, Starlight and their families spent every hour god sent in making those CDs and posting them they all did this 7 days a week for 3-4 months….. Every one worked incredibly hard to make, promote and sell the CD……if it wasn’t for all their hard work, time, effort and commitment the Jetinder CD would not have happened and I would not have got my flight.

The Jetinder CD and case which Sparky and Starlight made for my flight.

There was talk of it being distributed to WH Smiths etc but due to red tape that was never possible, but from what I heard every time the Jetinder CD was advertised it was sold out.

During the coming weeks and months after my flight people on the internet and through word of mouth heard about my CD, they heard how good it was and placed orders for it via


Sparky’s E-bay advert.

They e-mailed Sparky or me about buying the CD

They contacted Sparky and me through Concorde SSTs forum and asked for the CD.

Before Christmas 2003 we had a waiting list of  many many people who wanted the CD, that’s how strong demand for it was and that’s how good the CD was.

The funny thing about my CD is that after my flight more people bought the CD than they did before my flight…….if people had bought this many CDs before I got on Concorde then perhaps me and Sparky could have been on the same Concorde flight with out Sparky having to worry about getting or not getting a possible standby Concorde ticket on my plane and we could have both also flown back home a BA002 (Concorde from JFK to Heathrow but it was never meant to happen.)

From the feed back we got from people who bought the CD every one loved it, I was very happy with how good the CD was.

From what I heard people in over 26 countries across the world


Jet-CDs-sold-world map-ANI-1-SWF.swf