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24 November 2003

Rachel ******




Hi Rachel

I am sorry about this letter being so late but in London we had a postal strike for 3 weeks so I was unable to post anything…………..doh

When I went to New York I wanted to buy you, Sparky and WesternDH presents to say thank you to all for making my dream happen, but I could not find anything which was good enough.

So when I got home I decided to print one of my photos and send this to you as a way of me saying thank you to you for helping me fly on Concorde and live the dream. I really really appreciate what you, Sparky, WesternDH and the others did for me.

I took the photo at around 6.50pm in September 2003 of Concorde taking off towards Windsor from runway 27R at Heathrow Airport. When I took this photo I was standing 2 feet from the runway fence on 09L side of North runway, I did feel her shock wave as she flew over me, wow what a gal what gal.  I printed the photo out on my PC’s colour printer

The 21st-23rd October 2003 where the happiest 2 days of my whole life, From the 3rd Oct 2003 - 24th Oct 2003 was the happiest month I have had since I was at school.

My Concorde flight was the flight which dreams are made of, I had a lot of fun and I was extremely happy. I was actually “ living “ my boy hood dream of flying on Concorde, I was on cloud 9. I was very very  very happy I had so much fun. It was a dream come true and the BEST (1 week early) birthday present I have ever had.

I had a brilliant and fantastic time.

I will always cherish the flight.

Thank  you from the bottom of my heart.

Kind Regards



I also enclose caviar from my Concorde flight as well, it has not been opened.