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That is SO sweet of you!!!!   Thank you so much! :-)

I just got back  home after my trip to JFK.....it was sad, but great to meet Mario and Derek........they both were so nice to me.....

Mario picked us up from the airport, then stayed at the hotel with us, and the next morning drove us all to the beach where we watched the final take off.

There was a film crew from the travel channel that filmed us all, so maybe now I will be famous like you!!

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I will look forward to getting that in the mail!

I called the green man on Friday and talked to sparky, DR Strangelove, captain black & Gordon, sorry I did not get chance to talk to you.   It sounded like you guys were having a good time though.

Well, I have a lot to take care of, as I have been gone since Thursday, but I will email you again soon!

I am looking forward to your trip report!!!

Take care,

Rachel X