Trip Report

Local Newspaper coverage

Before I was on tv (apart from 1 or 2 close friends) no one in Romford knew I was interested in Concorde, no one knew I was going tp fly on Concorde. People walked by me like normal but after I was on tv, after my flight it was a different matter.

Havering News - 27th October 2003

A reporter from the Havering News phoned and e-mailed me a few times, she said she heard about me and wanted to interview me for the newspaper.

We spoke a few times and I sent her photos of my flight.

Romford Recorder - 28 October 2003

A reporter from the Romford Recorder phoned and e-mailed me a few times she said


I’ve heard about you and I would like to interview you for the newspaper

when can come to office to see me ?

It was also my 35th birthday mum and I celebrated it with a cake and 1 candle but we didn’t do much else as I’d already had my birthday present of a life time and that was flying on Concorde on 21 October 2003.

On 29 October 2003 I went to the Romford Recorder offices in the heart of Romford.

When I got there I saw this good looking Asian girl in her 20s, We chatted for an hour or two about my flight, how it happened etc overall it was great to talk to her.

While I spoke to her I was a bit nervous (as I never experienced any thing like this in my life

When I got home I sent some photos of my flight, a copy of my ticket and what happened to me, A few days later I was in the center pages of Romford Recorder.

Recorder Series.mht

Above is a copy  of the web page the Romford Recorder did on me.

I have the newspaper as well but the newspaper page is center page which is 2 x A3 pages side by side, I don’t have anything big enough to scan it in and put it on this website.

Anyway when I saw my self  in the Romford Recorder I couldn’t believe I was in there and I wondered how many people in Romford had seen me in there ................

When the newspaper was published I got 2 copies of it one for mum and for Sparky,  a few days later I went over to the TGM pub and gave Sparky his copy.

Above are photos of me and Sparky reading

 the Romford Recorder at the TGM pub.

Havering News - 31 October 2003

Havering News is part of Romford and Havering Weekly Post newspaper group, on 31st Oct 2003 Havering News  put me on their front page.