Trip Report

25 October 2003

Post Concorde’s last commercial day

Saturday 25 Oct 2003 the day after.

After the yesterday’s partying and happiness at the Green man pub, Today I was very sad and depressed that it was all over for Concorde.

However I felt I had to go back to Heathrow for one last time to see Concorde and her sisters all together in their hangers. I got the train to Hatton Cross and made the 2 hour journey from Romford to Heathrow.

At Hatton Cross I slowly walked to the Concorde hangers, unlike the past where I’d ran like crazy to where ever Concorde was going to land or take off by a certain time today there was need to hurry, there was no urgency to do any thing as Concorde wasn’t flying  and I knew it was all over, I knew no Concorde was ever going to fly again and this depressed me a huge huge lot.

I know I could have phoned Jez, Sparky, Tridentman or Peer to meet me there but today I wanted to go there on my own as for me this was a very personal experience as I had to see her and say good bye to her in my own way ........ It was like going to the funeral parlour after the hearing the bad news of a friend dying.

For 27 years she had been part of “me“, she had been  part of my hopes and dreams,  now after 27 long years that part of  “me“ was being taken away forever ………  taken away by people who had more power, wealth and influence than I could ever imagine and there was nothing I could do to save Concorde, there was nothing I could do to stop her being grounding for life, there was nothing I could do to bring her back to flight  …………. I felt very small, puny, helpless and powerless against such “people of power”...........

When I got to the Concorde hangers I got on my blue stool, stood outside the fence and took more photos of them.

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