Trip Report

Radio 5 Live

24th Oct 2003 - 9pm

I was directed to chair,  sat down in front of a microphone and was given huge black head phones to put on. While the News was being read we quietly waited at 10.30pm one of the Radio 5 crew used his hands to show us that in 5 seconds we’d be on “ live “ radio, every second he counted down with his hands while this was happening every one in the room was asked to keep quite.

When his hands showed zero we where “live “ ……….

The above is  the actual recording

of the interview.

A few minutes later some music came on the radio and that was the end of it, it was great to see every one. I thanked them all for their time and for seeing me, shook their hands, got my EOS 3 camera and went back to lobby.

On my way down to the lobby I suddenly remembered that no one had asked me about my flight or about how I’d got my ticket,… would have  been great for  people  around  the  UK  to  find  out how all this had happened I guess Brian didn’t have the time to ask me all these questions as they only had a 10 minute slot for me…..…

But still I was very grateful to the BBC for inviting me to the Radio show (the same BBC I’d grown up with and known all my life as I watched their shows and listened to Radio 1).

Today I felt very privileged and very honoured to know that a well respected and well known organisation such as the BBC had actually brought together people who had an interest in Concorde and then they had spared their valuable time to call me in, see me and chat to me on live national radio about my love for Concorde…… it was both a humbling……. very exciting and also a very very nice feeling that the BBC had actually done this for me.

When I got to the lobby area I thanked the BBC researcher for calling me in…… The BBC had ordered me taxi home but it hadn’t turned up so while I was waiting for it I went over to one of the big soft black sofas they have in the lobby area sat down and waited…….. 10-15 minutes later the receptionist called my name.

I thought


Cool my name is being called by a BBC receptionist in the same lobby which I imagine countless superstars of TV, pop/rock/film/Sport and public life like


Sting, Ed the Duck, George Michael, President Bill Clinton, Noel Edmunds, David Frost, Baby Spice, Terry Wogan, Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Bruce Springsteen, Phil Collins, Tony Blair, Nelson Mandela, President Mikhail Gorbachove, The cast of Eastenders, David Bowie, Nigel Mansel, Michael Schumacher, Bruce Forsyth, Bob Hope, Robby Williams, Abba to name a few had once also been in (but they where not there now).

Wow this is so so cool that my name is actually being called out in the same lobby which had once seen all these mega stars this was unreal.

I didn’t get home until 1am because the taxi driver got lost in central London and didn’t know where Romford was.

Overall the last 5 days and the last month or so was the happiest, most magical and most wonderful days of my entire life, during this time dreams really did come true for me and I was happier than I have ever been in my life.

After my flight I thought this happiness would carry on forever…..I thought I was surrounded by a impenetrable force field of happiness which cold never be broken……I thought I could never ever be unhappy……I thought that nothing could ever hurt me.

But I was wrong……. boy was I wrong….. A few weeks after my flight it reality hit me with a huge bang and I started to get very very badly hurt when many IT recruitment agencies and HR depts of companies kept on sending me reject letters or stupid, feable, invalid excuses or “walls of silence“ for jobs I clearly had the skills and experience for…… that hurt like hell and at the time it almost wrecked my IT career…..