Heathrow revise procedures for Concorde's final day - 20/10/03

After realising how many people are going to turn up to Heathrow on the final day, BAA, the airport operators, have revised their procedures for October 24th.

They want to emphasise that anyone coming to see Concorde MUST do so by public transport, as there is no additional car parking (unless you pretend to be a passenger!).

Ideally if you do not have one of the 1000 grandstand tickets you should not come, but viewing from the ground around the perimeter roads and on final approach is adequate from anywhere ON FOOT around the perimeter road.

BAA Press release


You might also have seen that barriers are being put along the roads around the airport. These measures are for public safety reasons.

We thought it would be useful for you to know what will be in place.

• There are no viewing facilities available in National/Alamo, Hertz,

  Europcar, Avis or public car parks along the perimeter roads - any

  unauthorised persons will be removed for their own safety.

• Anti-vision netting is being installed in these locations.

• Waiting  on  airport  roads  is not permitted and the  police  will  tow

  away any vehicles illegally parked on the perimeter roads. Additional

 tow-away trucks will be in operation on the day

• All airport and local approach roads are likely to be congested. If

   flying from Heathrow allow extra time for your journey.

• The M4 & M25 near Heathrow are also likely to be very congested

  on the day.

• Some bus services are likely to be affected by any congestion but rail

  services should be unaffected.

  Within the Airport

• The Eastchurch Road within the airport will be closed between 1400

  and 1830.

• Access to the airport from the south at Hatton Cross will be

  restricted.Road diversions are likely to be in operation outside the

 airport at this point.

Western Perimeter Road and Terminal 5 area

• There are no parking areas or lay-bys along the Western Perimeter

  Road due to T5 construction.

• Footpaths on the Western Perimeter Road are non-existent due to the

   road diversion works in progress.

• Viewing from the Terminal 5 construction sites is unavailable and

   untrained / unauthorised persons will be removed for their own


Dept from LHR to Edinburgh

Edinburgh Arrival

Dept from Edinburgh

LHR Bay of Biscay Dept

3 Concorde arrival at LHR one after another on the NORTH RUNWAY. No matter what else is going on with other movements. The JFK inbound BA002 will be last

The Aircraft will then Taxi / be Towed "across the road" one after another to the engineering base. The plan is that they will not go to T4

Reception inside the main Concorde (east pen) hanger and media photo call with at least 5 Concorde’s