Trip Report

Slowly waved it in to front of her and I play fully said  :-     Na na na …… na na…….  She looked at the pass with smile and her her eyes where gonna pop out of her head that was funny.   But the 7ft fat male stewardess looked like his head was going

5.15am – 23 Oct 2003 - near Ireland

Thursday 23 Oct 2003

In the cabin

I replied


Flying on Mr Blobby the fat 747 isn’t as good nor as comfy and nor as fast as flying on Concorde.


A few of the male and female stewardesses knew Sparky…..Sparky joked with them about me calling their plane Mr Blobby the fat 747.

One of the very pretty girl stewardesses said jokingly in a Ali-G accent


        Don’t diss ma plane :-)

I wanted to hug her (as she looked so so cute and lovely)….. but decide no and played it safe (as I didn’t want invade her space an upset her)…..

I expected the stewardesses to speak like the Queen but she didn’t, she used the Ali-G accent and phrases….. When I heard this I just cracked up laughing as she was very very funny, so I playfully got my Concorde boarding pass out of my jacket pocket