Trip Report

I got up half a sleep and asked Sparky


Can I get a bite to eat ?

In a sleepy, yawning voice Sparky replied


No worries.

And nodded off back to the land of sleep, I got up and slowly walked to the galley to ask the stewardess for breakfast.

When I got there I saw a male yes “male“ stewardess, I rubbed my eyes and blinked a few times to make sure I wasn’t seeing things, but yep it was true I saw a “male“ stewardess.

I’ve never seen a male stewardess in my whole life and  I thought


     If you’re a stewardess why aren’t you wearing a skirt as all stewardess ware skirts.

But when I looked that this guy he was 7 ft tall, middle aged, had a moustache like Basil Fawlty, short black hair and this guy was large I thought


      Errrrrrrrrrrrrrr no I won’t say that to him.

I politely said


Can I have breakfast ?

He asked one of the girls in the galley, she happily asked


Is a croissant ok ?

I happily replied


That would be fine with a glass of milk.

I went back to my seat and watched Sky-tracker, 5 minutes later she came over with breakfast on a white china plate.

I munched my croissant, sipped milk from my china cup and thought this IS a nice and comfortable environment, When I finished eating breakfast I checked Sky-tracker, it showed us being over Milton Keynes and ever so ….s..l..o..w..l..y…  heading for home (Heathrow Airport).

But I didn’t care as we where near home and the “long” journey home was slowly coming to an end.

In a “just woken up”, yawning voice Sparky asked


   Asked how did you find the flight ?

Above is close to what I imagined

(Press F5 to see I animation again)