Trip Report

5.15am – 23 Oct 2003 - near Ireland  Thursday 23 Oct 2003  In the cabin  I woke up, checked Sky tracker and found we where SLOWLY approaching Limerick in South west Ireland and I knew we where close to home. 5.45am flying over Liverpool and Northern England

Going to the toilet is one part of the human experience which not even man,wife, parents or children share….. Yet in the confines of a modern airliner strangers are forced to share the personal smells and sounds of others.......... It was horrible.  

Before I got back to my seat I went up to window seat, I  peaked out of a window and looked out at the sky, it was still black outside so I got back to my seat and nodded off.

I got up at 5.45am and checked Sky-tracker, I found we where flying over Liverpool and North England.