Trip Report

Grandstand at Heathrow Airport’s visitor centre built for Concorde’s last day

After we landed at Terminal 4

Back at Heathrow Airport

I thought


After all this time and effort, after all this commitment this time round all the hard work I put in didn’t pay off, it didn’t come to any thing ……. and it was just a total waste of my time ...........I really want to go back home to Romford.

I really really really felt sad and low …… I stood there for a few minutes mulling this over in my head and realised it was the 23rd of the month...... For most people 13 th of the month is unlucky but for me in most years the 23 rd is my unlucky number and this month I got hit by this bad luck on that date.... I hate the number 23.

Eventually I pulled my self together and felt


I’ve given Sparky my word to be here at Heathrow and I am here, I’ve given sparky my word that I will see the BBC for the last BA001 take off I will do that.

After all they have done for me I can’t let Sparky and the others down …… I just can’t let them down ……

It hurts like hell not seeing those 2 Concordes land at the end of runway 09L but I’m here at Heathrow and no matter what happens I will be there for Sparky and the BBC as I ain’t letting Sparky down……. no way.......


So with a sad and very heavy heart I slowly made my way to Heathrow visitor centre as I knew they where building a spectator stand for tomorrow.

Grandstand at Heathrow

When I got there I was still very sad about today’s bad luck but I figured it was better to get to that stand and take photos of Concorde then not to take any at all., the stand was very very crowded with people.

At 5.30pm I saw 2 Concorde’s coming in to land I was even more gutted than before as I thought


         Those two Concordes would have made great photos if I was at the end of runway 09L.

Even with my huge zoom lens those Concordes looked thumb nail size, I did the best I could but the I knew the photos wouldn’t be that good.     

I kicked my self at how I couldn’t leave home earlier at how I couldn’t make it back to Heathrow sooner, at how I didn’t take my front door keys with me to New York but the fact of the matter was that I didn’t do anything bad,  circumstances and pure bad luck had just caught up with me and now I was suffering from the effects of  bad luck.

People may think that I was whinging and moaning for nothing, but every thing (getting the ticket, flying on Concorde, the press coverage etc) which happened in Oct 2003 was all new to me..…so I was on a very very steep learning curve…….During the learning process people make mistakes….I wasn’t any different to others and I made my fare share of mistakes.

Looking back I should have stayed at Heathrow visitor centre all day but at the time I didn’t know I was allowed to stay there and no one from British Airways or the BBC told us..... It’s also a pity that after my flight British Airways or the BBC didn’t give me a “day room“ near Heathrow to stay in for a few hours…..No one advised me what to do after my flight I was just dumped and left on my own to get on with it … …but that’s life… live and learn.