Trip Report

After we landed at Terminal 4

At home.......

In my normal post I found that Heathrow Airport had sent me an invitation for the grandstand


My grandstand invitation

When I got this my mood became happier as I thought I’d never get it so today I got a bit more good luck with this invitation, I looked at my watch and it was 3.30pm I should have been back at Heathrow now to meet Sparky by now but instead I was still stuck at home in Romford.

I quickly got changed, got the EOS 3 camera and raced out of the house as fast as I could hoping that a miracle of all miracles would happen and get me to Heathrow fast.

But that wasn’t meant to be and reality + a 2 hr journey hit me like a brick wall and despite all my efforts and will power to get to Heathrow very quickly I didn’t make it on time, However I gave Sparky my word that I’d be there and I stuck by it (as I didn’t want to let him down).

On  the Piccadilly line to Heathrow I kept on clock watching  hoping and hoping that the train would suddenly speed up and I’d get to Heathrow very fast but the reality was different and in my heart I knew was going to be 2-ish  hrs late......... But I still didn’t loose hope of trying to make it there faster..........

Back at Heathrow Airport

I got to Hatton Cross by 5.20pm and phoned Sparky.

Sparky sadly said


Hi mate I’m at the end of runway 09L (western side of the north runway).

The whole place is choca block ……. its grid locked with countless cars waiting for Concorde and I can’t physically move my car to pick you up ………

I’m sorry ………..

I understood his situation and knew it was not his fault. It was mine for leaving home later than planned....… But I was still utterly gutted and broken hearted when he said the above…….I was utterly gutted and devastated at the sudden and rapid bad luck which since coming home today had hit me like a huge sledged hammer.

I thought


How can all the good luck and happiness I had in this month now turn so rapidly in to such bad luck and unhappiness that’s hits me like a bolt out of the blue, like a tidal wave wiping out and washing away all my good luck and happiness ………. how can this happen......

I was shell shocked

In a very sad and quite voice,  with a broken heart I said to Sparky  


           Thanks for your time …………..

I felt utterly gutted ……. I wanted to walk to the end of runway 09L (western side of the north runway) but I knew that I couldn’t do that in 15 minutes as runway 09L from Hatton cross was at least 1 hour’s walk away and today time was not on my side....................

I thought


After we got here at 7am from New York, after all the BBC interviews etc I made, after  all the time and effort I put in to spending 2 hours on the train racing home to Romford and  then spending another 2 hours on the train coming back to Heathrow all within 5 hours to see Sparky and the 2 Concordes land at 5.30pm …..