Trip Report

After we landed at Terminal 4

Going home to Romford

This time 36 hrs ago I was flying on Concorde at mach 2 chasing the sun to New York, now I am back in London on my way home but unlike other times I was on the train I’ve now flown a mach 2 and mach 2 flight is part of my DNA and it felt good but I was also very sad and depressed that the dream was over.

I was sad, broken hearted and depressed because in 24 hours time on 24 October 2003 would be Concorde’s last and final day alive and in full passenger service, after that day she would be no more than just a huge museum exhibit,  the thought of that happening to Concorde hurt like crazy.

On my way home I looked around at the people sitting opposite me and sitting next to me, In an innocent way I  wondered how many of them had flown on Concorde at mach 2 and how many hadn’t… many where rich, poor etc, I just wondered about normal things.

I felt honoured, humbled and privileged that I had been given a chance by my friends to fly on Concorde, but I was still very very tired.

On the train from Liverpool st to Romford I finally got signal on my mobile phone, I checked my phone for any messages or voice mail my friends may have sent me.

While I was in New York two of my friends sent me text messages congratulating me on my flight, I also had a few voice mails from job agencies asking me for an update on my work situation…..I ignored the voice mails  from job agencies as for the time being as I was very tired and I didn’t want to think about the utter misery of job hunting. ............

On my way to Romford my tummy suddenly started to hurt like hell, I think it was because I had some thing dodgy to drink at Liverpool st station, it felt like my tummy was going to explode it was that bad so I had to cross my legs until I got home, the pain was almost intolerable and I counted down the number of train stations to Romford.

Mums not home........ doh

When I got to Romford, the door to Romford station’s toilets where locked and there where no station staff in sight to open those doors ……… doh, so in huge pain I had slowly walk home.....When I got home the pain had got worse, I pressed the door bell a 20-30 times but no one opened the door.

I kept on pressing the door bell a few more times but still no one opened the door by this time my tummy ache had got even worse and I knew that the good luck of me flying on  Concorde was now clearly over and bad luck had come back with a vengence as I realised my mum had gone shopping and I didn’t know when she was coming home……….. She could be home in  30 mins or 3 hrs ....... I didn’t know at all...................doh

Mum’s not home........ Doh

I tried calling her on her mobile phone but through the front door I heard her phone ringing  and realised she hasn’t taken the phone with her ……….. Doh.

I started to panic and worry I thought


I don’t want to let Sparky down, I don’t want to let him down … Today of all days isn’t a good time to go shopping as mum knew I was coming home, But in all fairness she didn’t know when I was coming home so I guess mum popped out quickly to do a bit of shopping, but forgot how long it was going to take her.

But doing some shopping quickly for mum isn’t what we all call quick.

I then tried to find my front door keys but suddenly remembered that before my flight I hadn’t taken the front door keys with me (in case I had lost them in New York) the keys where sitting on my bedroom table which was 20 feet from where I was now standing....... Basically I was so near yet I was so far ……….. doh .

I stood out side the front door in utter pain waiting ……… waiting …………… and waiting for mum to come home ………  I stood there for 1 ½ hours just waiting for mum to come home.

1 ½ hours doesn’t seem like a long time but to me wreathing in great agony with my stomach ready to explode and feeling like that thing from Alien was gonna come out of me it seemed like a life time.

Every few minutes I looked up the foot path to the end of the road to see if mum was in the distance but couldn't see her.....I walked around the front garden trying to forget the pain and think of anything but the pain but minute by minute my stomach was telling my brain


      Go to the loo, go to the loo, go to the loo, go to the loo!!!

the pain was unstoppable.

By the time mum finally came back I was in a hell of lot of agony and was nearly on the ground curled up in pain as it was that bad.

Mum was calm but very very happy and pleased to see me safely home.....When she saw me she had smile on her face but when she realised how much pain I was in she quickly opened the front door and I ran to the bathroom as fast I could.........

After that I was ok but aching all over, I quickly looked at my watch, raced down stares, chatted to mum briefly about the flight while clock watching, mum wanted to talk a lot but I didn’t have time to chat for long.