Trip Report

After we landed at Terminal 4

Jon Gaunt (shock jock) interview on BBC Radio London

as in my book I only call people nutters who need to see head doctors yet on live national radio Jon  accused me of being that all because I loved and chased Concorde.

So what do you call people who have punch ups and create world war 3 because their football team didn’t win the football match ?????????

In a very annoyed and loud voice I said


Nutter………….NUTTER………….WHO’s THE NUTTER ?????

Believe me ater my long over night flight I was still extremely  tired and grouchy then I had this radio interview suddenly thrust out of the blue on me…..I agreed to do it but with out any warning this radio presenter then tried to be “ hip and trendy “ by insulting me and calling me a nutter that really wound me up and hence I reacted the way I did.


He then apologised on live radio and said


      Sorry I didn’t mean to say that.

I accepted his apology and we talked about Concorde for 10 minutes and my passion for Concorde.

While where doing this my eye lids felt extremely heavy and kept falling down over my eyes, my body wanted to sleep so and at the same time I was trying to an interview on live national radio I was also fighting my body to stay awake….During the interview he implied it was due to safety and cost that’s why Rod Eddington CEO of British Airways had grounded Concorde…..when I heard this due to my tiredness I flipped my lid and in a very annoyed voice I said



     IN AIR FRANCE ETC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While I was saying this he cut me off, when I finally woke up and realised what had happened I deeply regretted the tone of voice I had used, I felt I was wrong to get annoyed as Jon made a valid statement but at the time of the interview 98% of my mind was trying extremely hard to stay awake and to get me safely home (which was 2 hours a way) so I could rest, I couldn’t really comprehend any thing else......... But it was too late and the damage had been done............

Looking on the bright side at least I didn’t swear or use bad language on live radio.

I thanked the BBC Radio London guy and said


Look I’m sorry about loosing me temper but I don’t like being

called a nutter as I didn’t  do anything bad to be called a nutter.

He replied



I still had BBC tv’s microphone pinned to my jumper, I tried to find BBC TV crew to give the microphone back to them and to ask them to give me back tape 2 of my flight but when I got to the place where their car was meant to be parked they’d gone.

Going home to Romford

I made my way to Hatton Cross train station and sincerely apologised to station manager about the shouting which had occurred 2 hours earlier between me and the ticket inspectors.

The station manager looked at my ticket and said


      Apology accepted, those ticket inspectors who looked at your ticket

      where wrong not to let you through as you have a valid ticket.

Over all since the argument with the ticket inspectors that argument had jinxed the entire day for me and during that day every thing which happened after that was a result of the bad luck from that argument……Even so when I knew I was wrong I tried to put things right by apologising to the relevant people as I am not a bad person but every one has their off days).

Then I slowly walked down the 2 flights of steps to platform 1 and got the Piccadilly line heading towards central London and made sure I woke up at Holborn, from Holborn the plan was to get the Central line to Liverpool st station and from there finally get a British Rail train heading towards Southend-on-sea which also stopped at Romford.

While I was in the Piccadilly line I finally got some sleep when I work up at Knightsbridge station I felt relaxed and chilled out, I looked around and thought wow this time 24  hours  ago  I  was  in  New York…..