Trip Report

After we landed at Terminal 4

No room at the inn

If British Airways and the BBC had allowed me some space I would have been happy to sit an office or a lobby area of some kind and away  from people just to chill out.

I would not have cared if it was at an office in Heathrow Airport, I would not have cared if it was  at Heathrow Police station or in a posh hotel or in a pub or what ever, I just needed a safe quite place to chill out and relax and gather my thoughts but it wasn’t meant to be.

I wasn’t upset in anyway with Sparky  as I fully understood what he said and the situation we where all in but I was a bit cheesed off and annoyed by British Airways and the BBC’s attitude however there was nothing we could do about it........

So I accepted things and tried to make the best of a bad situation .........

Apart from he above I was still on cloud 9 and extremely  happy that I’d got my Concorde flight but physically I was so so so tired........

Before Sparky left for work I said


     Ok I’ll come back to Heathrow in the afternoon

     to see you and the  BBC,  you’ve got my word.

     I’ll call you when I get to Hatton Cross.

But I was extremely tired, my mind was saying


    Go for it, Go for it, what an adventure,

    what fun, lets come back here see the

    BBC and see the last Concorde take off.

But my body was saying


    I’m aching all over, I’m very tired and I need

    to get a few days of solid sleep...........

Overall I wanted to listen to my  body as I really didn’t want to come back to Heathrow in the afternoon, but I gave Sparky my word that I’d be back at Heathrow to see the last BA001 Concorde and no matter what happened that’s what I was going to do (as he never let me down and I wasn’t going to let him down)….I gave him my word and my word is my bond.

Jon Gaunt - (shock jock) interview on BBC Radio London

After I left Sparky I slowly and drowsily staggered and swayed back to Hatton cross car park where a Radio London people carrier was parked with a huge 100 ft mast….I sat in the back of the people carrier trying not fall a sleep as my eye lids where very heavy……Now I know why overnight flights are called the  “red eye“ as my eyes where red.

While sitting there I got the feeling you get after you have had a brilliant time at a party and the party is over, all your friends have gone home, its totally silent in that room and your all alone I got that type of  “down“ feeling as you get back to “ real “ life.  

It was 11.15am I put the head phones on and heard the radio presenter Jon Gaunty talking about things including Concorde.


I was very grouchy, very tired due to lack of sleep with no where to chill out and relax at Heathrow so I wasn’t looking forward to the long journey home.

But I got the go a head to talk to Jon, on live radio he introduced me and said


Jetinder is the guy who was on BBC tv’s Inside Out, he’s Concorde’s biggest fan and through the help of his friends he was lucky enough to get a trip on Concorde.

So far so good the interview was going ok but god was I tired and I was having trouble keeping me eyes open, as Jon was talking I kept on nodding off, when I felt my head leaning to one way my eyes opened and I woke up so I was extremely tired.

Jon then spoke to me in an annoying, arrogant, big headed  “Mr Ego“ tone of voice and said


Jetinder me and my wife saw you on BBCs Inside out, your the “ nutter “ who goes round chasing Concorde all day.

Due to me being so tired when he called me a “ nutter “ I saw red and I flipped my lid as that really really wound me up, that really really annoyed me as I felt deeply insulted by him calling me :


        The “ nutter “ who goes round chasing Concorde all day…..

that really wound me up as I am not a “ nutter “, I was not …….. I am NOT mentally ill............