Trip Report

After we landed at Terminal 4

BBC Radio London

Suddenly out of the blue BBC Radio London person came up to me and said


You have a “ live “ talk radio interview at 11.30am.

At first I thought it was the BBC world service reporter wanting to interview me for their radio program but when I realised this guy aint from BBC world service I thought


What the heck’s going on ………. no one told me about this one

as this to me was like a bolt out of the blue and I wasn’t ready for this, all I wanted to do was to go home as I was very very tired.

But I didn’t kick up a stink as  I didn’t want to let any one down I just said


Ok I’ll do it.

Sparky, Drstrangelove and Bagelman (who I had not seen since the 21 Oct 2003 at JFK), where now on the grass foot path opposite runway 27L.

Sparky said


Mrs Sparky is going to pick me up and take me to work …………

After long flight home Sparky had to go back to work, I felt sorry for him and thought his boss was a nice guy for letting Sparky have a few days off to take me to New York but he is a bit stingy not to let Sparky have 23rd October 2003 off after Sparky had flown a long transatlantic over night (red eye) flight …… doh. …..

I felt this was unfair of his bosses to call back in to work, but Sparky had no choice he had to go back to work and there was nothing he could do about it but follow his boss’s orders.


Dr Strangelove and Bagelman said


Magnificent take off we are going back to our hotel to freshen up.

I was very very tired and I didn’t really want to spend 2 long hours on the train going home and 2 long hours coming back to Heathrow on the same day. I needed to get some sleep and I really wanted a “ day room” to get over “ jet lag “.

No room at the inn

Sparky said


Jet You have to be back to Heathrow by 4pm to watch the 5.30pm Concorde’s landing, call me when you got back to Heathrow.  

I’ll pick you up in the car and we’ll go to the end of 09L to see the landings and afterwards BBC London want to film us both watching the last ever BA001 Concorde Heathrow  JFK.

I exhaustedly asked sparky


What about the day room isn’t there a day available ?

Sparky replied


     A few weeks before your flight we where worried about what would happen to


     We spoke to British Airways and the BBC about a day room for  the 23 October

     2003  as  we  felt  it  was unfair on you to spend so much time travelling home

     and back to Heathrow in such a short space of time.

In a unhappy voice Sparky continued


      I have some bad news British Airways and the BBC don’t want to help us in putting

      you up in a  day room either at  Terminal  4  or  where  ever……… I’m sorry  but  I

      can’t help you on this one as we’ve done all we can but they simply wont help us.

In a sympathetically voice Sparky continued


     I really wish I could help but all the hotel rooms around Heathrow are  now fully

     booked up for the 24th October 2003.  

Sparky was very very unhappy with this situation but there was nothing that any of us could do about it ….