Trip Report

The above is the edited video the BBC

took of me taking photos of the

10am Concorde.

At the time I really wished that I’d had my trusty blue stool with me (as I could have got a better view of Concorde taking off), but blue stool was at home in Romford so I had to make do with standing on the ground

Unlike normal Concorde takes offs the 10am took off early down the runway and very very fast, by the time she flew over our heads she was very high (I guess 1000 feet) and to the naked eye was like a small dot (where as normally on a transatlantic flight she is only 100 – 200 feet off the ground as she clears the runway fence and she looks big).

Although I was very tired I was relieved that I’d finally got this Concorde on film…. I knew the pictures wouldn’t be brilliant but these where photos of  one of the last 10am Concordes so where still historic.

These are the 10 am  take off photos, I took by my standards

they  could have been better if I had  my blue stool  with me

to stand on and get a better view of the take off

After her take off the BBC interviewed and filmed me a bit more when they finished doing this they started packing their away their camera gear as they where doing this I told them about tape 2 and asked them to send me a copy of it.

After we landed at Terminal 4

10am – Concorde

We had 5 minutes left before the 10am Concorde would take off….. I apologised to Sparky and Dr Strangelove they both accepted my apology  (as they knew I was very tired after the long flight home).

We walked out of Hatton cross and headed towards the fence near the end of  runway 27L, on our way there we could see people gathering around near runway 27L (the Hatton Cross side of the South runway) and waiting for Concorde, some people recognised me as the Concorde guy from TV.

When we got to the fence we stood there “innocently“ waiting for her in a “public and legal“ place but a few minutes later a few cars from Heathrow Police pulled up and asked us and many others to “move along, move along “ that was typical of Heathrow Police.

We eventually had to stand on a traffic island near runway 27L (the Hatton Cross side of the South runway) which also had traffic lights on it etc, that was NOT a safe place as cars and trucks where moving past it at high speed.

I thought


How STUPID is this, Heathrow Police are more worried about poxy airport fence, than “peoples“ safety,…..How dumb is that and the Police are paid to “protect“ people and not that airport fence ????????

While we where standing there the BBC crew found us, interviewed and filmed me and then waited with us for the 10am Concorde.

I politely told the BBC crew


I would like tape 2 back of my flight which is still in the camcorder I’ve given back to you.

Concorde was 15 minutes late during the time we where waiting the BBC camcorder (I’d used on my flight) was right there in the hands of a BBC camera  man, he was watching my video diary on tape 2.

As Concorde took off suddenly out of no where a few photographers with ladders raced to the fence to take photos of her, I was surprised Heathrow Police didn’t do any thing to stop them…… I ran half way to the fence to see Concorde take off and was filmed  doing this by the BBC.