Trip Report

After we landed at Terminal 4

BBC London – tv - 9am

I replied


I want to see the 10am Concorde take off can we meet up around then ?

The BBC producer happily replied


That will be fine but we would like meet you here at 9am so we discuss what we you to do, then at 10am we’ll proceed to film you watching the 10am Concorde take off.

I happily said


That sounds great, I’ll see you then.

The BBC producer asked


Can we have the camcorder and tapes you used on your flight ?

I happily replied


       No worries.

With out having time to take tape 2 out of the camcorder, I gave it back with all  the bits and all the tapes they had given me……After this Sparky, Drstrangelove and I all went off to the coffee bar to have breakfast……Drstrangelove offered to by us all the drinks, Sparky and Drstrangelove got cups of coffee….I had a bottle of ice cold mineral water.  

I was very sad that the Concorde flight was finally over….. I was badly jet lagged and very very tired but overall I was also happy to be back home and still utter thrilled to bits that I’d flown on Concorde and spent 1 wonderful day in New York

While we all sat at the coffee bar waiting for the BBC, Sparky and Dr Strangelove where happily chatting about my flight, visit to New York and what had really happened…..I quietly sat next to them but really thought about the last 3 days as so much had happened in such a short space of time……

It wasn’t really 3 days it was infact 36 hours and in the last 36 hours I had seen more of the world, travelled, higher, faster and further than I had ever been in my whole life (I had lived the dream of flying on Concorde), had a flying visit to one of the worlds greatest cities (New York) and had flown back home all with in 36 hours ……

Normally in 36 hours all I do is to


But during the last 36 hours from 7pm on 21 Oct 2003 – 7am on 23 Oct 2003 I had seen the world done more than I normally ever did in the same period of time at home…….I had done so so much and seen so many things in so little time that it was hard to believe that I had done all this in only 36 hours it was hard to believe this but all this really did happen in 36 hours wow.

Even flying home on the SLOW 747 I still got home within 36 hours from leaving Heathrow on 21 Oct 2003 to now 23 Oct 2003….all this showed me how small the world could be and given enough money I could make regular trips like this half way across the world to New York… some shopping and fly back home with in 36 hrs,

This really opened my eyes to what modern day technology of jet powered aircraft could actually do as before jet powered planes it use to take 24 hours to go Heathrow to New York by propeller plane and 5-7 days to go to New York by ship.

It also opened my eyes to the possibility of what supersonic travel could do because I heard that flying both ways across the Atlantic Ocean on Concorde meant that I could do everything I did in 36 hours but I could have done all that within 12 hours by  


Wow the last 36 hours where the happiest 36 hours of my entire life but I felt physically drained and exhausted, however mentally I was like a recharged battery, I had flown on Concorde which still didn’t feel real ……….. ok I had really flown on Concorde but it hadn’t really sunk in that I had done it …….. if that makes any sense.

I looked in my wallet and found I had $23 (£12.69) left, I didn’t want to change these in to UK pounds as they where part of my Concorde flight.

I got freshened up before we met the BBC at 9am.

We heard from friends that Concorde was going to take off over Hatton Cross so she was flying over the end of runway 27L (Hatton Cross side of the South Runway), I told the BBC and they agreed to meet me near Hatton cross before 10am.

Sparky, Dr Strangelove and I made our way down to Terminal 4’s tube station to get the tube to Hatton Cross, I got my tube ticket out of my photo card wallet and put the wallet back in the bag, I put it in the ticket machine and walked through to the platform……Sparky and Dr Strangelove got 2 two tube tickets…..The platform was silent and almost empty, we waited a bit and got the tube to Hatton cross…..The tube was packed but we all managed to squeeze in.

It felt funny being on the same train as Dr Strangelove and Sparky as I could never imagine them taking tube trains, always imagined them driving round in cars or taking taxies.

Tube Ticket collectors

When we got to Hatton cross with very heavy bags we slowly climbed the stairs from platform to the stations ticket barriers, these where the same stairs which up to Monday - 20 October 2003 I had raced up to see Concorde at Heathrow but now as I climbed the same stairs I was very tired, felt grouchy and I had not had a proper nights sleep on the flight home on Mr Blobby the fat  SLOW 747.

When we got to the ticket barriers I took my tube ticket out but couldn’t get through the ticket barriers with my very heavy, bulky bag…….so I politely showed my “valid “ ticket and asked one of the ticket inspectors to let me through the gate next to the ticket barrier.

This guy looked at my ticket and refused, I asked him politely again he still refused, I asked


Why won’t you let me through as the ticket is valid ?

He replied


You didn’t show me your photo card.

I politely and calmly said


It’s in my bag and I don’t know where in the bag it is, can you let me through ?

He still refused and would not let me through the barriers.

Time was ticking by ……seconds and minutes where rapidly flashing away…..I was getting very frustrated and strest by the ticket inspector’s stupid attitude as to go through the ticket barriers…….the barriers only needed to “see” your ticket and not your ticket plus id-card…….Even though I had a valid ticket….this ticket inspector was being a real pain in the back side and refused to let me through.

While he was behaving like this the count down to Concorde’s 10am take off was still ticking on… matter what happened I had to see the 10am Concorde take off but every time I asked the ticket inspector politely  again to let me through he still refused.

By this time I was very very frustrated and strest with his attitude as I had a valid tube ticket and I wanted to get through the ticket barriers, but he wouldn’t let me through.

It reached a stage when I looked at my watch, worked out how much time was left before Concorde’s 10am take off and how long it would take me to walk to my favourite spot……

When I realised how little time we had left and how fast time was going I panicked and finally lost my rag through sheer frustration I raised my voice to ask him to let me through……..He became a huge pain the back side……He raised his voice and still refused,  then his little “hitler” mates ganged up on me and started shouting at me as well over the same thing……Finally his boss came over looked at my ticket and let me through ….

If  that ticket inspector had let me through in the first place, then none of  the above stress would have happened……but he was being a real pain the backside.