Trip Report

After we landed at Terminal 4


The bus took us the short distance from 747 to Terminal 4, we got out and walked to one of the entrance doors from airside, up 2 flights of long steps, down some corridors and eventually we reached the customs area……. It was 6.45am and I could not believe there where so many passengers in costums….. Every where you looked we saw huge queues almost stretching to the back wall of terminal 4,  Sparky and I picked a queue and stood in it waiting for our turn to come.

While we where waiting I saw a rather tasty dark haired girl in her 20’s who I had seen 7 hrs before at JFK but there was no time to go up to her and chat her up as we couldn’t loose our place in the queue……We continued to queue for around 20 minutes slowly shuffling forward until we got to the front of the customs desk.

On the customs desk I was expecting to see a butch hairy guy, but much to my surprise I saw a tasty and very pretty blonde girl in her 20s, I thought


    Wow you’re a sight for saw eyes, you’re the best thing to see first thing in morning

I smiled showed her my passport, she checked it and said



and I walked away never to see her again ……….. Doh

Waiting for Dr Strangelove

Sparky and I slowly walked over to a row of empty seats situated 10 feet behind the customs desks and sat down with our backs facing a light grey wall. I was glad to sit down as my heavy clothes bag was now ripping in to my right hand causing it to go red with pain…….Although I was still tired from the flight I was now excited and happy again as I was looking forward to the day a head, seeing the BBC crew, seeing all my friends and my mum.

Sparky said


We have to wait here for Drstrangelove, he’s coming over from the USA to be in London to see Concorde on her last day (24 October 2003).

We waited for around 15-20 minutes and kept looking at the huge queues snaking behind the customs desk and in to infinity to see him but there was no sight of him…….After a while we eventually saw Dr Strangelove we all smiled, he came over and shook hands with us both, it was great to finally meet him.

I looked at my watch and I knew that at 8am the BBC would want to meet me for an interview about my flight, I was really hoping that the BBC would have let me use the camcorder to video the 10am Concorde take off.

BBC London – tv - 9am

We all came out of arrivals area and walked past people waiting for their loved ones, We walked towards a coffee bar near the arrivals area a terminal 4 on our way there Sparky noticed a BBC crew waiting for us, he waved and pointed at them when I saw them I waved at them as well.

Me, Sparky and Dr Strangelove at Arrivals area Terminal 4.

Sparky spots the BBC Camera crew

When we left the arrivals area we met the BBC and had a chat with them they said


     At 9am we would like to interview you to see how you feel.