Trip Report

From the above is a speeded up simulation of what Sky tracker

looked like on my flight home.

(Press F5 to see animation)

I left this running for the rest of my flight and I tried to nod off as I was extremely tired. I didn’t fall in to deep sleep as I only do that when I am at home, I was on the 747 so I had similar sleep to what I had last night at the Sheraton hotel.

During the flight every 15  to 30 minutes I kept waking up, I checked Sky-tracker to see ware we where, the plane on the screen showing us moved very slowly at rate of 1 pixel every minute, after I checked our position I nodded off back to sleep.

A few  times I woke up for a bit Sparky was awake, I just sleepily said :- Hi

In the Cabin

Looked at Sky-tracker and then nodded back to sleep.  

While I was a sleep I heard air stewardesses rushing around, other passengers chatting, the constant hum of the plane’s electrics and the constant shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh noise coming from the 747’s air conditioning. I don’t remember much else about that part of the flight home, I don’t think I dreamed about anything but I had this thought in my head that I had to some how force my self to sleep and let my body rest …… but it wasn’t easy.

I knew if I’d stayed awake through out the flight I would not have been in any fit state to do any thing when we got home to Heathrow, with me if I don’t get a minimum of 6 hrs of sleep, then sleep has a very nasty habit of catching up with me when I least expect it, Sleep then its me like a brick wall I suddenly get tired very very rapidly and I fall in to deep sleep.

So on our flight home I some how had to force my self to sleep in order to stop me falling a sleep during the next day.

Before we took off  because the air stewardess had ordered me to put my camera gear in to the overhead lockers, now I couldn’t take any photos or videos of the flight home, I couldn’t take any photos or videos of the inside of the plane as the atmosphere with 747 crew just felt “strict“ and “no I wont let you take photos or video“ attitude........... I didn’t feel free..........or comfortable under this kind a regime.